I first met Blake and Chelsea back in May at Kevin and Haley‘s wedding down in Auburn. They were guests at the wedding I was shooting. My dear, sweet former bride, Heather, introduced us. I fell in love with Blake and Chelsea instantly! And I found out that they had just gotten engaged the week before in Charleston and I got to hear their incredible engagement story! We made plans to chat more about their wedding plans after the wedding was over…

Fast forward a few days, I had the honor of officially becoming their wedding photographer. Fast forward a few months, I had the honor of photographing their engagement session in the beautiful Mountains in North Carolina. The day before the shoot, we (along with Blake and Chelsea and their amazing parents) arrived at the stunning former Bed and Breakfast, now wedding venue, Hawkesdene, to enjoy some down time before the shoot. We stayed in one of Hawkesdene’s many cottages and were blown away by how nice, beautiful, comfortable, and gorgeous everything was! We felt like royalty! And don’t even get me started on the surprise lunch out on the patio that owners Rob and Phil prepared for us. It was one of the most beautiful, fun, enjoyable, and relaxing experiences we’ve had in awhile — and that is no exaggeration. Thank you, Rob and Phil, for being such gracious hosts and for making us feel at home. And thank you Blake and Cheslea, Mr. & Mrs. Spratlin, and Mr. & Mrs. Prestridge for making this experience so much fun! We loved every single minute of hanging out with you guys!

Not only was our shoot location, Hawkesdene, absolutely stunning, but we also had the most beautiful weather imaginable!! We were so thrilled! We also had some pretty awesome backup models — llamas and alpacas :) And last but not least, Blake and Chelsea absolutely rocked every minute of their shoot. We had a blast walking all around beautiful Hawkesdene taking photos and just laughing and laughing. We made wonderful memories that day!

I am so excited to share some of my favorite photos from their shoot with you.  It’s taking everything inside of me not to share every. single. photo. Haha! Enjoy this [not so] small sampling of some of my favorite photos from Blake and Chelsea’s shoot!

blake-chelsea_0002-1blake-chelsea_0124blake-chelsea_0065 blake-chelsea_0083 blake-chelsea_0050 blake-chelsea_0078 Chelsea used to come to Hawkesdene as a child and would play on and around this little bridge. It was so fun to go back and take her engagement photos there! :)blake-chelsea_0070blake-chelsea_0045blake-chelsea_0053One of my favorites! blake-chelsea_0003-1 blake-chelsea_0114 blake-chelsea_0110 Love this!blake-chelsea_0095blake-chelsea_0086 Obsessed with this one!blake-chelsea_0108 blake-chelsea_0101 blake-chelsea_0127 blake-chelsea_0167blake-chelsea_0172blake-chelsea_0238   blake-chelsea_0183 blake-chelsea_0138blake-chelsea_0198 blake-chelsea_0193Llamas and alpacas!!blake-chelsea_0203 :)blake-chelsea_0209 blake-chelsea_0205 blake-chelsea_0230I’m seriously obsessed with Hawkesdene…blake-chelsea_0224blake-chelsea_0239We rode up to the top of the mountain to get some photos overlooking the valley…blake-chelsea_0353blake-chelsea_0256 blake-chelsea_0246blake-chelsea_0260 blake-chelsea_0296 blake-chelsea_0248blake-chelsea_0294 Up until this point, the sun had been behind the clouds… but we were determined to get some sunset photos, so we waited and waited. I put Will in “sunset” duty while we continued taking photos in a different area. Next thing we knew, Will yelled “The sun!!!”, so we ran over and took as many photos as possible as quickly as possible. The sun only ended up being out for about 2-3 minutes, but we got our shots! :-Dblake-chelsea_0321blake-chelsea_0317 blake-chelsea_0001-1blake-chelsea_0332 blake-chelsea_0271 blake-chelsea_0336And just as soon as it came, the sun was gone again…blake-chelsea_0346 blake-chelsea_0376 blake-chelsea_0361blake-chelsea_0382blake-chelsea_0243blake-chelsea_0385 blake-chelsea_0397 A final nighttime photo after the sun was gone… the perfect ending to a perfect day :)blake-chelsea_0403


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