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I am so excited to introduce you guys to Brandon and Blair! These two just make your heart melt when you see them together! They are absolutely adorable together and I love how much they adore each other! Brandon gives Blair forehead kisses without my prompting (I mean, come on!) and Blair lights up when […]

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The week before her wedding, I met Caroline and her mom and bridesmaid for her bridal portraits in downtown Huntsville. Why were we doing it the week before her wedding? Well, the weather had a mind of it’s own that week, so we had been rained out of our first attempt :( That weather threw […]

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Today is our 9th wedding anniversary!! 9 years! Crazy!! It’s hard to believe that Will and I have already been married 9 whole years! It feels like we met just yesterday, yet I also feel like I’ve known Will my whole life! For this year’s anniversary post, I thought I’d share “our story of how […]

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You may recognize Simon and Ashley from the shoot I did in Hawaii last year! I always love working with this couple. Simon and Ashley are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet! This shoot will mark our third shoot together! A few weeks ago, I got an email from Ashley asking if I would […]

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Clay and Caroline are finally married!!! This day was such a joy for so many people who love Clay and Caroline. It was a true delight to experience this wedding day with them and their family and friends. Seeing how much Clay and Caroline’s loved ones love them is truly a testament to how wonderful […]

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I almost didn’t get to work with Greg and Jenny :(  Basically, I wasn’t planning to book any more weddings for 2018… until I got THE most delightful email from Jenny.  Her email had so much excitement and she was even willing to pick her date around my availability, so I just had to chat with her […]

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