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  I have been asked this question more than any other question so far this year. And I realized that there are probably many more people who have the same question.   “Why do you still use an editor if you are editing for other people?”   It’s confusing for some people and I totally […]

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Last year, I reached out to my friend and fellow local photographer, Aislinn, from Ais Portraits to see if she could take some new headshots for me. I love Aislinn’s work so much, so it was a treat to get to work with her! She was a sweetheart and came out to our house to […]

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As many of you know per my social media, my Grandpa passed away last week. Thank you to everyone who sent me and my family messages, texts, and comments. They mean alot to us. While we knew that Grandpa wasn’t doing well (the family was in the middle of making plans for in-home care), it […]

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I am so excited to introduce a new blog series, GirlBoss Spotlight! About once a month, I’ll be introducing you to different girlbosses¬†from around the country (maybe even the world!). These are inspiring ladies who are rocking small business ownership and doing big things in their industries! I want this series to be a place […]

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I am so excited to introduce you guys to Brandon and Blair! These two just make your heart melt when you see them together! They are absolutely adorable together and I love how much they adore each other! Brandon gives Blair forehead kisses without my prompting (I mean, come on!) and Blair lights up when […]

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The week before her wedding, I met Caroline and her mom and bridesmaid for her bridal portraits in downtown Huntsville. Why were we doing it the week before her wedding? Well, the weather had a mind of it’s own that week, so we had been rained out of our first attempt :( That weather threw […]

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