4 Reasons Why You Should Do An Engagement Session With Your Wedding Photographer

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December 19, 2017

Did you know that Thanksgiving through Valentine’s Day has been coined “Engagement Season”? That is because there is a spike in new engagements that occur during the holiday season :) So as we head into the height of engagement season, I thought now would be a great time to share some tips for newly engaged brides… more specifically, 4 reasons why I believe you should not only do an engagement session in general, but why I believe you should do your engagement session with your wedding photographer!


You get comfortable being in front of the camera before your big day

I don’t know about you, but most of us aren’t professional models and most of us have to learn how to get comfortable in front of a camera… myself included! Being thrust in front of a camera for the first time on your actual wedding day isn’t recommended because you want to be able to comfortably and naturally experience your day without this brand new experience of being in front of a camera happening at the same time. The time spent at your engagement session with your wedding photographer is a great time for you to get comfortable being in front of a camera for an extended period of time. You even start getting more excited about the wedding day when you get to experience how fun working with your photographer is!

You get to experience your photographer’s shooting style 

It is important to note that not all photographers’ shooting styles are the same, so this is a big reason why I think that engaged couples should not only do an engagement session, but they should do one with their actual wedding photographer. You get to experience what it is like working with your photographer before your wedding day. When my clients show up to their engagement session with me, they get to see that I am a more enthusiastic photographer who will high five them and can’t resist jumping up and down to let them know when they are rocking a shot ;-) Haha!

Having this interaction with your photographer ahead of time also gives you the opportunity to learn more about their posing style and how each pose feels… which brings me to the next reason why I think engaged couples should do an engagement session with their wedding photographer….

Your photographer gets to see your best, most flattering poses

Did you know that not all poses look the same on all couples? Sometimes a pose looks more comfortable or natural on one couple but not on the next… and vise versa. It has nothing to do with one couple being better than another. Even models have certain poses that work best on them and some that don’t! This is another reason why doing an engagement session with your wedding photographer is a smart idea. They get to see what poses work best for you as a couple so that they can focus on your best, most flattering poses on your wedding day!

And finally, perhaps my favorite reason why I think couples should do their engagement session with their wedding photographer…

You and your photographer get to know each other better

I think it comes as no surprise that I place a high value on getting to know my clients (and them getting to know me) before the wedding day. I want to be real friends with my clients by the time the wedding comes around. I want my brides to feel like I’m just one of her girlfriends hanging out with her on her wedding day, and part of how we do this is by actually spending some time together before the wedding day!

If your wedding photographer doesn’t get to photograph you at your engagement session, chances are, they’d be walking into your wedding day almost as a stranger. I love that I not only become friends with my brides, but also with my grooms through the interaction we have at their engagement session. This results in more natural, comfortable photos for them on their wedding day because they know me and feel comfortable around me.

I don’t want any couple, regardless of who their photographer is, to miss out on that valuable time, which is why I encourage couples to book their engagement session with their wedding photographer if they can… even if it’s not me!


If you have any other reasons to add to the list, feel free to leave a comment below! And get ready for my Favorite Engagement Photos From 2017 blog coming next week! :-D  



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