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September 28, 2017

Now that I have officially launched my new website and my new services, Boutique Photo Editing for Wedding Photographers and a New Coaching Program for Wedding Photographers COMING SOON, it’s time to share more information on those services for those of you who have asked!  On today’s blog, we’re tackling my most frequently asked questions about Boutique Photo Editing. Let’s just jump right in!

Boutique Photo Editing

Who are these services for? I am currently doing Boutique Photo Editing for wedding photographers. In the future, I may open it up for portrait photographers, but for now, I am only working with wedding photography clients.

Why are you hiring yourself out to do editing when you yourself hire out editing for your own photos? As of this year, I am cutting back on shooting weddings and will be taking on more and more editing clients as I shoot less and less weddings.

How does boutique photo editing process work? I do all editing via Adobe Lightroom Catalog.  As my client, you would edit a few sample images (perhaps your blog images), then send your Adobe Lightroom Catalog Smart Previews to me via Dropbox (I will show you how to do all of that, don’t worry!). I then use your sample/blog images as a reference as well as any presets and I also refer to your editing preferences (which we would have discussed in your consultation) to edit your images. I send the catalog back to you a few days later and voila! My edits are applied almost instantly to your images! It’s like magic!

How quick is the turnaround time? Exact catalog turnaround time will be determined on a case by case basis based on when you send your catalog to me, etc.  Depending on the season, it can be as little as 2 business days up to 5 business days. Can you imagine being able to give your clients their fully edited gallery of images by the time they get back from their honeymoon?!?!

I’m scared about letting go of the control of this part of my business… No one can edit my photos like I can. Oh my goodness, I completely understand. That’s why it took me so long to start using an editor. I felt like no one could edit my photos like I could. BUT, my incredible editor made a believer out of me!

The key is communication and doing some test runs/sample edits. To ensure that we’re nailing your editing style preference in different lighting situations, you’ll edit some sample images from the wedding before you send me your catalog (this is a GREAT opportunity to get your blog images edited and that blog posted the week after the wedding! ;-) This is just one extra way for me to get your edits as close to your editing style preference as possible for you from the getgo!

Is it really worth it? How much time will I really save by hiring an editor? Of course, every photographer’s editing process varies, but for me personally, I went from spending about 15+ hours on the editing process after a wedding down to less than 4. It has been a gamechanger for me.  I basically get a full business day and a half back every week. Instead of spending 6 or 7 days broken up into 2-3 hour editing increments, I am now able to cull the photos and then do some sample/blog edits for my editor (2-3 hours total), then when I receive my catalog back from her, I spend about an hour looking through everything and maybe making a few small tweaks if I want to. After than I’M DONE!!! I have a wedding edited and sent to my clients after only like 4 hours as opposed to my usual 15+! It’s changed my life!

Can we meet for a consultation? Yes! In fact, I encourage it! In order to get to know you and your editing style, we meet for a complimentary Facetime/Skype consultation where we get to know each other better and talk about your editing preferences. You send me some sample edits, some before and afters, and you fill out an editing style preference questionnaire that really hones in on specifics. We can even do some test edits before you send me a full wedding, if you’d like!


If you are interested in chatting some more about boutique photo editing or if you would like to set up a consultation to see if we might be the right fit, you can contact me HERE! I’d love to chat with you some more! :-D

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    December 6th, 2018 at 11:03 AM

    Sounds good Boutique Photo Editing, Best of luck!

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