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March 5, 2015

Remember last week when we got the most lovely, perfect 6+ inches of snow? It really was one of the most perfect snow events we’ve had in awhile, in my opinion. Not too much snow, not to little. It lasted just long enough without lasting too long. Perfect. When I woke up the following morning after it fell and saw how gorgeous it was and saw how it was melting off the streets, thus allowing for safe travel, I suddenly desperately wanted to do a photoshoot in it! So I put out a spur of the moment call for anyone wanting some snow photos and within a couple of minutes I saw that my beautiful friend and fellow photographer, Jessica, from Jessica Sparks Photography, had just put out the exact same request! So we decided to team up and exchange photoshoots with each other! We got to take advantage of the snow juuuuuust before it was completely melted away. It was SO fun! Cold, but fun! Nevermind that my toes almost fell off from frostbite (not really, but it felt like it) ;-)

I’ve photographed Blake and Jessica before, so I was extra excited because they are just simply adorable together. We had such a blast hanging out with them!! Thank you guys for being such fun, adorable, perfect snow models for me :)

So today, as most of us are cooped up in our houses because of the ice we got last night/this morning, I thought I’d share some adorable snow photos from that snow shoot last week to hopefully lift your spirits despite this cold, dreary, cooped-up-inside day! :)  Enjoy!Blake and Jessica_0018 Blake and Jessica_0017 Blake and Jessica_0024Blake and Jessica_0003 Blake and Jessica_0004 copy2 Blake and Jessica_0014 Blake and Jessica_0027 Blake and Jessica_0031 Blake and Jessica_0033 Blake and Jessica_0001 Blake and Jessica_0028 Blake and Jessica_0007 Blake and Jessica_0040 Blake and Jessica_0019 Blake and Jessica_0035  Hugs are just the best, aren’t they? :)Blake and Jessica_0012 Blake and Jessica_0013 Blake and Jessica_0029 Blake and Jessica_0045Blake and Jessica_0043 Blake and Jessica_0008Blake and Jessica_0011 Blake and Jessica_0042Blake and Jessica_0010Blake and Jessica_0038 Favorite! Blake and Jessica_0032 Kissing hands also doubles as keeping hands warm. Win win!Blake and Jessica_0046 Blake and Jessica_0047

Stay warm today! Happy Thursday! :)

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