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To all my fellow photographers, wedding vendors, and even other small business owners who struggle with keeping all of your clients’ files, projects, etc. organized, get excited! We’re talking about Honeybook today! If you aren’t a current Honeybook user, listen up because I am about to change your world! If you haven’t heard of Honeybook […]

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“Do business hours really matter?” I was sitting down with a fellow small business owner and we were sipping on our coffee, chatting about life and work, when she asked that question: “Do business hours really matter?” I almost spit out my coffee out of shock… then I remembered that I once had the same […]

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You’ve been asking for awhile, so I decided to do it! I’m opening up spots for some photoshoots in March! If you follow me at all, you know this is a BIG DEAL because I haven’t been doing many non-wedding photoshoots for the past year and, realistically, this is probably just a one time thing […]

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Ahhhh! I’m so excited to announce that I am doing a pre-launch of my new Coaching Program for New and Aspiring Wedding Photographers TODAY! You can take advantage of Early Bird pricing now through January 29th! Early Birds will receive a bonus PDF Wedding Day Prep Checklist sent right to their inbox this week! I […]

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Did you know that Thanksgiving through Valentine’s Day has been coined “Engagement Season”? That is because there is a spike in new engagements that occur during the holiday season :) So as we head into the height of engagement season, I thought now would be a great time to share some tips for newly engaged […]

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BOY do I have a fabulous gingerbread cookie recipe for you guys!!! This recipe is divine… perhaps the best gingerbread cookie recipe you’ll ever find! I’m serious! I’ll make a batch of these for Will and I and all of them will be gone within 48 hours. They are THAT good! I first made these […]

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