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  “Do you use a shot list at weddings?” This is a question we’ve been asked quite a few times over the years, mostly by photographers. Before I go into talking about whether we use one or not, I’ll clarify what a “Shot List” is for those of you who may not know. Basically, a […]

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Now that I have officially launched my new website and my new services, Boutique Photo Editing for Wedding Photographers and a New Coaching Program for Wedding Photographers COMING SOON, it’s time to share more information on those services for those of you who have asked!  On today’s blog, we’re tackling my most frequently asked questions […]

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Wedding planning can be stressful. Can I get an amen?! Anyone who has ever been a bride (or a mother of the bride) knows what I’m talking about. Whether you’re planning your wedding for 2 years or 2 months, it can be a stressful process. And it can be very easy to get caught up in […]

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We all love them… Those classic, light and airy bridal getting ready photos paired with the bride’s lovely little details, the rings, the necklace, and the shoes. It’s heaven! I’m smiling right now just thinking about that portion of the wedding day! As a photographer, those photos are always so fun to capture because you […]

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(Photo courtesy of Marcus Yam/Los Angeles Times via Polaris via If you’re like me, you’ve been heartbroken over the devastation that Hurricane Harvey has caused. Maybe you’ve felt overwhelmed trying to figure out how and where to help/donate. Some have traveled to Houston to help. Some have donated goods/food to churches which have made trips […]

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You may have noticed that I haven’t posted as many wedding blogs or engagement session blogs this year as I have in previous years. Or maybe you haven’t noticed at all, in which case, awesome! :) But for those of you who have noticed, good observation! You might be wondering why you’ve seen less shoots […]

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