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BOY do I have a fabulous gingerbread cookie recipe for you guys!!! This recipe is divine… perhaps the best gingerbread cookie recipe you’ll ever find! I’m serious! I’ll make a batch of these for Will and I and all of them will be gone within 48 hours. They are THAT good! I first made these […]

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It’s that time of year! The hustle and bustle of this Christmas season is upon us and I almost can’t believe it! It feels like it was just a few months ago that we were getting ready for Spring weddings! Crazy! I think most of us have at least one creative entrepreneur family member or friend […]

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I receive alot of questions both from brides and photographers each week and one question I get asked alot by brides is regarding the reception. Brides often want to know if I have any tips for their reception planning and execution… So I’m sharing 5 quick tips on the blog today! :-D – Take your guests […]

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I posted a quick post about my little “Ah-Ha moment” on Instagram the other day. Because I received so many messages from other photographers about the topic, I wanted to share a little more about it on the blog today. My post on Instagram read: When I first started shooting weddings, I struggled with feeling like […]

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  “Do you use a shot list at weddings?” This is a question we’ve been asked quite a few times over the years, mostly by photographers. Before I go into talking about whether we use one or not, I’ll clarify what a “Shot List” is for those of you who may not know. Basically, a […]

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Now that I have officially launched my new website and my new services, Boutique Photo Editing for Wedding Photographers and a New Coaching Program for Wedding Photographers COMING SOON, it’s time to share more information on those services for those of you who have asked!  On today’s blog, we’re tackling my most frequently asked questions […]

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