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This week has been rough for so many. I woke up on Monday morning to the horrifying news of the shooting in Las Vegas. Since then, my heart has been hurting. For the lives lost, for their families, their friends. For the people who witnessed it all. I can’t even imagine. Much like I’ve felt […]

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The new and improved is ready!! I can’t even believe it! It’s finally website launch day! Ya’ll. I am SO excited about this! It has been a long, hard couple of months working on this design and being patient in the process. I originally wanted to launch over a month ago, but I know […]

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(Photo courtesy of¬†Marcus Yam/Los Angeles Times via Polaris via If you’re like me, you’ve been heartbroken over the devastation that Hurricane Harvey has caused. Maybe you’ve felt overwhelmed trying to figure out how and where to help/donate. Some have traveled to Houston to help. Some have donated goods/food to churches which have made trips […]

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I’m a believer! I’m hooked! I’m never turning back! Hiring an album designer has changed everything for me and my business and I want to share my story and my gushing review of Align Album Design with you guys on the blog today :) I have a passion for not only capturing beautiful moments for […]

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You may have noticed that I haven’t posted as many wedding blogs or engagement session blogs this year as I have in previous years. Or maybe you haven’t noticed at all, in which case, awesome! :) But for those of you who have noticed, good observation! You might be wondering why you’ve seen less shoots […]

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I am officially hooked on having our photos taken and taking others’ photos while traveling! Now having experienced both sides of the spectrum, I can say that it is a wonderful thing to consider both if you’re the photographer and if you’re someone interested in having your photos taken. Exactly 1 year ago yesterday, Will […]

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