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Happy Friday! It’s time for another #FridayIntroduction blog, which I do on the first Friday of each month. Today, I thought I’d share my reading list as well as something that you might be surprised to learn about me ;-) I have made it pretty clear on both my website and social media that I […]

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The new and improved is ready!! I can’t even believe it! It’s finally website launch day! Ya’ll. I am SO excited about this! It has been a long, hard couple of months working on this design and being patient in the process. I originally wanted to launch over a month ago, but I know […]

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You may have noticed that I haven’t posted as many wedding blogs or engagement session blogs this year as I have in previous years. Or maybe you haven’t noticed at all, in which case, awesome! :) But for those of you who have noticed, good observation! You might be wondering why you’ve seen less shoots […]

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Saying no is hard. It’s just so. darn. hard. Period. I feel like it does get easier over time, but it never gets easy. Can I get an amen? Sometimes you have to say no to a perfectly good opportunity or to a potential client who you’re just not a good fit for or even to […]

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Yes, this is real life. I am introducing you to my dogs for today’s Friday Introduction! Haha! I’m laughing out loud as I’m typing this because I KNOW it’s silly. BUT, at the same time, who can resist these adorable faces?! I know I can’t! I’m the crazy girl who acts like her dogs are […]

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Well this is a fun (or maybe terrifying) blog to post! I’m bringing us back to Old School Erin Lindsey Images today! That’s right! This entire blog consists of ONLY old photos from about 2007 and earlier. Buckle up! We’re going down memory lane this #throwbackthursday! Before I share photos from my first engagement session, […]

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