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For many years, I have admired and followed some fabulous photographers, Justin & Mary, based out of New England. Without getting all mushy and gushy, they have always been so encouraging on their blog in addition to teaching different techniques they use to get their desired results. To further their teaching platform, they offer Walk […]

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I’ve been excited about working with this couple since before they were even engaged! I’ve only known Casey for just under 2 years, but already she’s one of my favorite people ever! I was instantly drawn to her joyful spirit — always laughing and smiling. So, when she told me she wanted me to be […]

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When I think of grace, class, beauty, joy, strength, and loveliness, Jenny comes to mind. This woman embodies all of it. I am so happy and honored to have met this phenomenal woman and even more honored that she wanted me to capture such special moments for her. Jenny finally married the love of her […]

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When my lovely friend, Ashley, emailed me and asked if I could do a 10 year anniversary session, complete with her original wedding dress, a bouquet (made by the floral department of Sacred Stone), balloons, and the church they got married in, I was ALL OVER IT! I knew that this session would be too […]

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The #1 question I receive from my clients after they’ve booked is: “What should I wear to my Engagement Session?” And I always end up giving my clients the same tips, so I figured I’d share a couple of them with you guys today! And you know what? No additional intro is really needed, so I’m just […]

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I’m so excited to finally show you the surprise we’ve been working on for the past 2 months! I have a promo video!! :-D I got to work with my talented friend, Seth, at Woodnote Media on my first official promo video! Ahhh!!! As a person who does not like being the center of attention and as a photographer who is […]

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