March 21, 2018

Happy Happy Spring!!! I am so thrilled that we are officially in this season now! To celebrate, I have a little special something for you guys…

If you’re a new or aspiring wedding photographer, listen up! I have some exciting news for you! My new Coaching Program is still available for you to join and work through at your own pace whenever you want to, and for the rest of the month of March, you can take advantage of SPECIAL SPRING PRICING! I’m serious! From now until March 31st, you can join the Coaching Program for just $150! That’s 25% off regular pricing! So if you were going back and forth about joining or if you weren’t sure if it fit into your budget, now is a great time to join while Spring Pricing lasts!

*PSSSSST…. If you are interested in joining the Coaching Program but you are not on my Email Newsletter List, you miiiiight want to sign up for that right now because I have a special little something that will be hitting my subscribers’ inboxes tomorrow, March 22nd! So I recommend waiting until you get that email, then join the Coaching Program… just saying ;-)

To find out more about the coaching program and/or to join while Spring Pricing is available, click HERE!

Happy Spring!! :-D

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