Favorite Non-Wedding Photos of 2017!

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February 7, 2018

I’ve shared my favorite wedding photos and engagement photos from 2017, but I still have some more non-wedding photos that are favorites of mine, so I wanted to share those with you today! Alot of them are personal photos, but the others hold a special place in my heart too!

And yes, I know I’m sharing this blog a little later than usual (I can’t believe we’re already in February!), but that’s ok, right? :) So without further ado, some of my favorite non-wedding related photos from 2017!


The photo above is certainly a favorite of mine because building built-in bookshelves in our living room has been a desire of mine for years! We completed this project early in 2017 and we’ve been thoroughly enjoying them ever since! Best decision ever!

This photo is a favorite because it’s my dear friend and paper genius, Jacki from Salt+Paperie’s baby shower invitations. Gemma’s baby shower was so special and beautiful and it was an honor to photograph it!

I love this shot from Alex and Lauren’s (from Lauren Tomasella Photography) At Home shoot! Little Dax might be my very favorite part of the photo ;-)

This is a favorite from our trip to Kauai. It was taken in Hanalei Bay (a place where I would love to live some day). I will always remember this moment when I took this photo. Nothing spectacular happened in that moment except that it was truly a peaceful, joyful moment… fully soaking in the experience of being in Hawaii.

I had the pleasure of photographing my photographer friends, Joel and Amber from Joel and Amber Photography last year and we had such a fun time! I always love getting to photograph other photographers! <3

This photo was taken on top of Mount Haleakala on Maui. We got up at 3am and drove up to watch the famous sunrise… it was freezing cold and SO windy and so the wait felt like an eternity, but yet it was an experience I’ll never forget! It was mind-blowing! This photo was taken just minutes before the sun rose. I love the little moon in the corner <3

This photo is a favorite because Will was just so darn happy in this moment! Haha! We hiked (yes, in flip flops) about a mile up to this view of the Na Pali Coast on Kauai. It was so windy, so gorgeous, so perfect. We couldn’t wipe smiles off of our faces and we couldn’t stop laughing because of how perfect, gorgeous, and WINDY it was! I love this photo!


Early in 2017, I did a special little project and had the pleasure of having these two gorgeous people model for me! I love the light and the love in the photos. Favorites for sure!

The photo above was taken in Antelope Canyon in Arizona. I have been dying to visit for quite some time, so it was a dream come true to be able to go and take the “Photography Tour” which allowed us to basically have the whole canyon to ourselves and take our time photographing each and every part of the canyon. It was an unforgettable experience! This shot is my favorite shot from that day!

I did not take the photo above (obviously, because I’m IN the photo;-), but it’s a favorite nonetheless! My sweet photographer friend, Aislinn from Ais Portraits took this photo for me during a fun little shoot at my house last Summer! I love this shot!

The photo above is a favorite from a dream come true photoshoot on Maui during our trip last May! It was so fun photographing Ashley and Simon on our first day on the island. Truly a highlight of my year and truly some of my favorite photos of the year!

These two munchkins HAD to make it onto this blog because… I mean, look at them! They’re so cute!! :) I love my little dog-ters!

I had the joy of photographing my sister’s maternity photos on the beach in August during our annual family beach vacation… it was such an honor and while maternity photos aren’t my strong suit, I LOVE the photos we were able to get! My sister is stunning, is she not?!!

Another favorite photo from Hawaii (I can’t help myself! I LOVE Hawaii!!) I just loved the peaceful moments we experienced on this beach. We were some of the only people there and the weather was gorgeous and the sound of the waves and those colors… it was perfect.

I got to do a sunrise photoshoot with this sweet couple in Birmingham this past Fall and I love that their dog, Abe, came along!! It’s always so fun to have dogs at shoots! I love this photo!

I know, I know. More Hawaii photos. Hawaii was just SUCH a highlight of 2017 and SUCH a dream some true that, of course, it’s making several appearances on this blog ;-) The photo above is special to me because it was taken from our helicopter tour of Kauai and it’s a photo I’ve dreamed of taking for quite some time! Being able to photograph the Na Pali Coast from this vantage point is just such a mind-blowing thing to me… something I never thought I would have the opportunity to do. I remember that this moment took my breath away. I love this photo and all that it represents to me.


I can’t help but smile looking back on these favorite photos from 2017. It was such a good year. Such a meaningful year. Such a dream come true year. I hope you enjoyed these photos as much as I did! <3



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