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April 18, 2018

To all my fellow photographers, wedding vendors, and even other small business owners who struggle with keeping all of your clients’ files, projects, etc. organized, get excited! We’re talking about Honeybook today! If you aren’t a current Honeybook user, listen up because I am about to change your world!

If you haven’t heard of Honeybook — or maybe you have heard of it, but you don’t know much about it — Honeybook is a business-changing (and I would venture to say life-changing) organizational tool that I have used for over a year. And really, it is SO much more than an organizational tool…

HoneyBook streamlines and automates your client’s experience from inquiry to final invoice. We keep your clients moving through the workflow with automated reminders and notifications. Your pipeline visualizes where you are with your clients and what you need to work on, all in one place.”


Honeybook allows me to keep track of almost everything related to client organization and my client experience on one platform. I receive my inquiries through HB and I can respond back directly via HB. I can send a proposal or quote to my client through HB. They can then sign my contract and then jump right to paying their booking/retainer fee through HB. That payment goes directly to my bank account, making the payment process hassle-free.

I can send questionnaires to my clients, which is one of my FAVORITE tools in Honeybook. I can create different questionnaire templates depending on the stage my clients and I are in in the process of working together. So, when my clients first book with me, I can send an informational questionnaire where my clients can fill out their contact info, wedding day information, whatever I need. I personally like to send a fun little “Get To Know You” questionnaire to my clients to learn more about them as a couple.

As we get closer to the wedding day, I like to send my clients a wedding day details questionnaire where we can chat about the specifics of the wedding day. Things like: ceremony time, are they doing a First Look or not, how many bridesmaids and groomsmen do they have, are they having a cocktail hour, and SO much more!

Honeybook also allows me to keep track of where I am at with each and every client at a quick glance on my homepage, which makes my life so much easier. I can see right away who is still in the inquiry phase, who has signed the contract, who still has yet to make their final payment, and more! I can even set up reminders for my clients if they haven’t signed the contract yet or paid their final balance yet.

Honeybook also has a mobile app for access to projects on the go!

“HoneyBook’s mobile app ensures you can stay organized and continue running your business from anywhere. Access client details and files easily from meetings or events. Get new inquiry notifications and quickly respond with templates and files, even while away from your office.”



I love that I can access my clients’ files (contract, questionnaires, contact information, everything!) on the go through the mobile app. I used to file my client contracts and information away in a binder on my desk. If I needed access to any of that information on the go, I was up a creek. I never knew just how valuable the ability to log in and look over a client contract or questionnaire was until I needed to use it on more than one occasion. It is a lifesaver!

I could go on and on about why I love Honeybook so much. Truly. It has been one of the best investments I’ve made for my business over the past few years and I highly recommend it to all my wedding vendor friends! If you’re struggling to keep everything organized or maybe you just want to step up your game to streamline your business, I truly believe that Honeybook may be the answer for you!

If you want to give Honeybook a try, you can start with a FREE trial and receive 50% OFF (I’m serious!!) of your membership using THIS LINK.  I’m SO excited about this!!!!



I know I probably sound like an infomercial on this blog (and Honeybook did not ask me to write this blog), but I just love Honeybook THAT much! Haha! I want that load to be taken off of your shoulders like I experienced and I want your business to flourish as much as mine has since I started using Honeybook! If you have any questions, feel free to ask by leaving a comment below! :-D


* All images and quotes pulled from the Honeybook website

  1. Whitney

    April 18th, 2018 at 7:06 PM

    This is so cool! I hadn’t heard of Honeybook before. Thanks for sharing, Erin!

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