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November 4, 2016


I first met Jeff and Bekah earlier this year when they won my engagement session giveaway I had at one of the bridal shows I took part in. I couldn’t be happier that these two won. There isn’t a more deserving couple with a sweeter love for each other than Jeff and Bekah.

After we did their engagement session, we started talking about their wedding day and me potentially photographing it. We were so bummed to realize that I was going be out of town on their wedding day, thus preventing  me from photographing their wedding last month :( To help soften the blow, we decided that doing a post-wedding day bride and groom session would be better than nothing! I’m so glad that we planned this session and that we had such a gorgeous day for it!

Jeff and Bekah were just as amazing to work with as they were at their engagement session earlier this year! Their joy is contagious. Their love for each other is apparent from the moment you see them. I love that so much. They are a dream to photograph.  When I was going through their photos after the session, I literally fell in love with every single photo, and that is not an exaggeration. There was not a single photo I didn’t love. Even the test photos and outtakes were amazing — and it was all because of Jeff and Bekah and how perfect they are together.

I could’ve easily blogged every photo from their shoot… that’s how much I love their photos. But, as always, I’ve painstakingly narrowed it just to just my top favorites (the toughest job ever!) to share with you guys on the blog today. Enjoy! :-D

jeff-bekah_0024jeff-bekah_0016 jeff-bekah_0051jeff-bekah_0088jeff-bekah_0018Favorite…jeff-bekah_0069jeff-bekah_0010jeff-bekah_0012 jeff-bekah_0001-1jeff-bekah_0063jeff-bekah_0084jeff-bekah_0042 jeff-bekah_0006-1Love this…jeff-bekah_0109jeff-bekah_0087jeff-bekah_0053jeff-bekah_0125jeff-bekah_0095 jeff-bekah_0124jeff-bekah_0086 jeff-bekah_0149 jeff-bekah_0156jeff-bekah_0161 jeff-bekah_0147jeff-bekah_0137jeff-bekah_0144jeff-bekah_0160jeff-bekah_0187 jeff-bekah_0183Love this so much <3jeff-bekah_0197jeff-bekah_0164jeff-bekah_0213jeff-bekah_0218jeff-bekah_0167jeff-bekah_0227 jeff-bekah_0189jeff-bekah_0165jeff-bekah_0179

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