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December 21, 2017

    Since this is my last blog before Christmas, I knew today’s blog needed to be Christmassy. So today I’m sharing some Christmas traditions, some from my childhood and some Will and I have created, from our home to yours! (including, but not limited to, our tradition of adding some mistletoe above our front door so that everytime we, or anyone else, walks in our front door, they have to kiss first:)

Growing up in a family with 7 kids, we had so many fun, creative traditions. Every December, we would cut 1 inch strips out of red and green construction paper and attach them to each other to create a 14 link chain, or “rings” as we would call them, and hang it from the ceiling in the hallway outside our bedrooms. Each night, as a countdown to Christmas, one of us kids would rip a ring off the chain. Then on Christmas Eve night, we would all gather around and have a countdown as the youngest kid would have the honor of taking the last ring down. Loud cheers would erupt as we jumped up and down with excitement. It was such a simple tradition, but I have such fond memories of it!

On Christmas Eve, we would all pile up into our 15 passenger van and drive all around town looking at Christmas lights. I remember one house in particular, called Ho Ho Land, always had the most mind-blowing lights (at least to an 8 year old). This is a tradition I would love to start for Will and I, but I’m not sure where the best neighborhoods are for light viewing. If you have any tips, leave a comment below!

Every Christmas Eve, our kitchen would be a hustle and bustle of sugar, butter, and flour. That was our day to make all of our Christmas treats. My mom and I would make things like rice krispie treats, pecan balls, lemon bars, sugar cookies, and sausage balls (not a sweet treat, but a Christmas staple in our house!) I am happy to say that that tradition still continues on in my parents’ house every Christmas Eve!

Traditions that Will and I have created for ourselves are a little simpler, but we consider them traditions none the less…

As of 2 Christmasses ago, we’ve started a tradition of making gingerbread cookies and it’s a tradition that I know will stick for years to come! The cookies are just so darn good! If you want my recipe for the best gingerbread cookies ever, click HERE!

We like to get a new ornament every time we travel. We’ve added alot of fun ornaments to our tree from our travels this year! Hawaii, Charleston, Grand Canyon, and Jackson Hole, just to name a few! Pretty soon, the travel ornaments on our tree may out number our regular ornaments! Haha!

Will and I started collecting and watching Christmas movies since our very first Christmas together. Now, almost every night in December, we watch a new Christmas movie while drinking egg nog or hot chocolate and munching on the various Christmas treats we have in our house. Our favorite Christmas movies are Elf, Holiday Inn, White Christmas (well, it’s one of MY favorites), Christmas Vacation, and A Christmas Carol (the animated one with Jim Carrey). We also love pulling out our old Christmas records and turning those on every night, sometimes dancing in the kitchen to the classics like White Christmas and I’ll Be Home For Christmas.

We like to read A Christmas Carol out loud to each other every December. It’s become a fun tradition, especially when the Christmas lights are on, we’re bundled up under a warm, snuggly Christmas blanket, and we have our faux fireplace (thanks to Netflix) going.

A few years ago, we decided to try roasting chestnuts. It was a fun experience, though I don’t think we did it correctly the first time. It also helps if you have an open fire to roast them on instead of a glass top stove. We continued that tradition last year, but haven’t done it yet this year. We need to jump on that, Will!

We also started doing mini weekend trips each December to Christmassy places we can drive to in a couple of hours. Last year, we went to The Biltmore and Gatlinburg for the weekend, and this year we went to Nashville for a Christmas JohnnySwim concert followed by the Dickens of A Christmas street festival in downtown Franklin, Tennessee. It was so fun and Christmassy! We’ll definitely have to go back next year!

I feel like each year, we add a new tradition, so I look forward to seeing what we come up with next year! If you have any fun traditions you’d like to share, I’d LOVE to hear them! Leave a comment below!

And with that, I hope you have a very Merry Christmas… and be sure to take time to stop and kiss your loved ones! ;-)


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    December 21st, 2017 at 4:08 PM

    Current best Christmas lights map!

    If that doesn’t work, go here, and the map is updated for 2017:

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