My “Ah-Ha” Moment || Encouragement For Photographers to Own Their Style

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November 7, 2017

I posted a quick post about my little “Ah-Ha moment” on Instagram the other day. Because I received so many messages from other photographers about the topic, I wanted to share a little more about it on the blog today.

My post on Instagram read:

When I first started shooting weddings, I struggled with feeling like I had to shoot like everyone else. And most people I followed were shooting very Vogue, more serious, moody photos — GORGEOUS, but moody.

But the fact was, I wasn’t a moody, Vogue, serious photographer. I wasn’t even remotely close! My favorite photos from a wedding day were always the photos that were bright, photos that showed JOY! 😃 It wasn’t until I finally realized that I didn’t have to shoot like everyone else that I finally grew as a photographer and as a business 💪🏻

Like I mentioned earlier, I received so many responses from this post. It made me realize just how much of a real struggle it is for both new and seasoned photographers. This topic of being yourself instead of trying to fit into another artist’s or person’s mold is so real in the photography industry.

I know it can be so easy to look at someone else’s work and immediately feel like your work isn’t good enough. I know what it’s like to feel like you need to adjust or change your style to fit into a certain style of shooting and editing. It can be a very disheartening, tough place to be. I was in that place a few years ago when I kept seeing the dark, moody, Vogue photography but felt drawn to the lighter, happier photos. I had my Ah-Ha moment when I realized that it was ok to be confident in what I had to offer, even if it was different from what I perceived as being the popular thing at the time.

*Side note: There is nothing wrong with darker, moodier, Vogue style photos! I actually love that style! It was wasn’t my style. Big difference.

If you’re a photographer (or really anyone in the creative field), I want to remind you and encourage you to confidently own your style. Confidently own your vision. Confidently own your work. Confidently own this business that you have built, whether you’ve been doing it for 10 days or 10 years. There is only one you. How boring would it be if we all did the exact same style work? Break that mold and go confidently in your own direction if that is where you want to go! I give you permission ;-)

When I finally owned my style instead of trying to do what others were doing or what I thought I was “supposed” to be doing, my business grew and I gained a confidence and rest that I had never known in my business before that. And I want the same for you!

So if your style is light and airy or dark and moody, highly saturated, or colors toned down, romantic and calm, or energetic and joyful… OWN IT! Don’t rob yourself or your clients of your beautiful, authentic work.

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