My Favorite Wedding Photos from 2017!


January 11, 2018

It’s my favorite favorite blog of the year!!! It’s time to walk down memory lane and reminisce about my favorite wedding photos from 2017! As always, it was an impossible task to narrow it down. Can’t I just share ALL of my favorites? No, I suppose not. I suppose I can’t share thousands of images with you today… though I could easily do that ;-) Haha!

In 2017, we had the pleasure of photographing 16 couples’ wedding days. If that number sounds low to you, you’re right! You may recall from my blog a few months back when I shared that we cut back on weddings in 2017 and that we’re cutting back even more in 2018. It’s not because we hate weddings, but just because we believe it’s time and we want to allow me (and Will) the opportunity to pursue other passions… passions that we couldn’t explore before with a full plate of weddings. I’ll be honest, it was strange to shoot about 40% less weddings in 2017 than we usually do, but we also know that it was the right decision for us. I am excited to see what 2018 has in store for us! Yes, we’re still shooting weddings this year and will continue to in 2019, but we’re just doing less, that’s all.

Like I mentioned earlier, we had the pleasure of photographing 16 couples’ weddings around the country: Across North Alabama, Birmingham, the Auburn area, Memphis, Charleston, and we finished out our year strong in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming!

We had plenty beautiful sunshine and gorgeous sunsets, plenty of rain, and even some snow too! We had horses visit us at more than one wedding and more of my brides had non-diamond engagement rings in 2017 than in any previous year — and I LOVED it!

It’s been a fun, wild year, that’s for sure! I am so thankful to have met and worked with our beautiful couples — beautiful on the inside and out, truly! We have loved being a part of their weddings this year! I want to so say THANK YOU to our 2017 wedding couples. You guys are truly gems. I am blessed to know you. Thank you for allowing us to capture your beautiful wedding days! And thank you for making my job of narrowing down my favorite wedding photos of 2017 so hard! ;-)


  Favorite ring photo of 2017!  One of my favorite “groom seeing his bride” reactions this year <3 <3         Definitely one of my favorite bridal portraits of 2017 <3  The most joyful wedding guests of 2017 award goes to Roman and Rachael’s guests!    One of my favorite sunset photos of 2017!  I had SO many favorite bouquets in 2017 and these are definitely some of them! I loved how Claire Peyton’s dad and step-dad shared the father daughter dance <3 One of my favorite departure photos of 2017!     Favorite horse of 2017 ;-)  Favorite ceremony photo!      Definitely one of my favorite First Dance photos of 2017!!      When 4 of your brides are all at the wedding, you have to get a photo with them!! Love these girls!!  Favorite departure of 2017! It was epic!

  1. Vicki Hestley

    January 11th, 2018 at 6:28 PM

    Looking at these pictures gets me so excited!

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