My Mission to Photograph Just For Fun Again

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January 31, 2018

I’m going to get really real with you guys today. Is that ok?

I’ve been photographing weddings for 12 years now. Wow! I feel old. It was/is my dream job and I know that I am super blessed. Every time I photograph my clients at their wedding or at their engagement session, it is so fun and it is such an honor.

That being said, I realized something a few months ago and finally decided to do something about it today…

I want to photograph just for fun again.

The fact is, as much as I love photography, it has been my job for 12 years. And because it has been my job, I haven’t photographed just for fun, just for myself, just because, in quite some time… with the exception of some of our travels (but even for some of those trips, I left my camera behind).

Will LOVES reading (so much so, that he has already read 8 books since the start of the year. He loves reading that much!). But he never used to read for fun until a few years ago. His reason why he didn’t read was because he was still in school working on his master’s degree and he had to read school books. So when he got home from school, he didn’t really have the energy or even the desire to read some more. Not because he hated reading, but just because he needed to do something different from what he had been doing (reading schoolbooks).

It’s been kind of a similar thing for me. I realized that I don’t photograph things purely for my own enjoyment of it anymore. It’s my job now, so I typically do photography for my clients, for marketing, for promotional things, then I put the camera away after that.

But I miss it. I miss photographing things purely for the pleasure of it and nothing more.

So, all of this to say, I am on a mission to photograph for fun again.  I don’t know what that is going to look like, but I just know that I need to do it. Maybe that means I’ll go on more walks to photograph nature or maybe I’ll photograph my puppies more often (we all love those photos, right?! Or maybe it’s just me ;-), I may even bring it with me on some of mine and Will’s random outings (sorry babe!)… I’m not sure what this mission will look like, but I’m excited to do it.

And if you guys are ok with it, I may share some of what I photograph on this mission in the coming months. Would that be ok with you? If that’s ok with you, then get ready for some purely “Erin” photos. Haha! Photos that I had fun taking for no other reason than “I just wanted to” :)

I love and appreciate you guys! Thank you for taking time to read!

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