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December 5, 2017

These blogs are always so fun to post! I love sorting through photos from a recent trip and sharing them, along with the stories behind them, with you guys! If you didn’t know, Will and I recently returned from a trip out West to photograph Jordan and Jeremy’s destination wedding in Grand Teton National Park. But before we photographed the wedding, we decided to fly in a few days early and road trip up through Arizona and Utah. We knocked a few things off our bucket lists, saw gorgeous new parts of our country, and just enjoyed some calm, quiet time riding in the car together each day.

Like I typically do for these trip recap posts, I’ll be sharing stories from our trip inbetween the photos, so enjoy! :)  (*iPhone photos mixed in with real camera photos)

 We kicked off our trip visiting the Grand Canyon! It has been on my bucket list for years, so I was super excited to finally check that off the list! It was is amazing as everyone says it is! Photos do not do it justice! It reminded me alot of Waimea Canyon on Kauai!  After we left the park (and after it got dark out), we randomly decided to pull off into this little road that took you to an overlook… we had no idea we were going to see such a stunning sunset!  The next morning, we visited Horseshoe Bend…  I thought even the ground was lovely!  In order to get a full, unobstructed view of Horseshoe Bend, you had to get on your stomach and inch towards the edge. It was terrifying and exhilarating all at the same time!  Next, we had reservations for a tour of Antelope Canyon, which was the thing I was most excited about for this trip! And it certainly did not disappoint!!  As I was setting up my tripod to get this next shot, a gust of wind came through and blew this sand down for this shot! Talk about perfect timing!  The vibrant colors in this place — UNREAL!  After Antelope Canyon, we hit the road again! This time, Utah was our destination! Arches National Park, here we come! As we were driving in the middle of nowhere in Utah (I’m talking no street lights, stop lights, no cars, no houses, no gas stations, NOTHING for miles and miles), we decided this would be the perfect opportunity to try to see and photograph the Milky Way. We hopped out of the car and looked up and there, as plain as day, was the Milky Way! We have never seen it so clearly!  After a lovely night in Moab, Utah, it was time to explore Arches National Park!  I felt like a dinosaur could walk out from behind the rocks at any moment!  Haha!  I thought this rock was so cool! It was huge!! I know it doesn’t look that big in the photo, but for scale, look in the bottom lefthand corner to see how small those people are compared to it!  The first arches we saw that day… mind-blowing!  These rocks were MASSIVE!  We walked through a tiny crack inbetween the rocks into this little cove. It was amazing!!! It felt like we were on Mars!  I cannot get over how cool this setting was!!! It was my favorite part of Arches National Park!  The next morning we drove to up through Salt Lake City and the southeastern edge of Idaho in the snow. It was such a pretty drive! We arrived in Jackson just before more snow began to fall. That afternoon, we walked around downtown Jackson, had lunch with the wedding group, then explored the ceremony site. And that is where the snow began to fall. The next morning, Jeremy and Jordan’s wedding day, we woke up to beautiful sunshine! It was a lovely way to conclude our trip out West! We honestly cannot wait to go back! 

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