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No really… I forgot to write today’s blog. At the start of the year, I set a schedule for prepping in advance and sending out a newsletter and blog every week, and so far, I’ve mostly kept that schedule. Until now… This year, I have been proud of myself for scheduling blogging/newsletter writing days at […]

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  It’s time for another GirlBoss Spotlight, ya’ll! I have loved hearing your feedback on these posts and I’m so excited that you guys are so excited about it! Let’s jump in and I’ll introduce you to my next GirlBoss, Emily Moore! Emily is the GirlBoss behind her business,¬†Emily Moore Boutique Photo Editing. She is […]

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Today’s blog is short and sweet :) I’m sharing some of my favorite album designs from 2018! And as many of you know, I use a fabulous album designer, Align Album Design, and they have truly given me hours and hours of my workweek back. I am so thankful for them and the help they […]

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We all do it… I’m talking about the laying on the couch, phones in our faces, mindlessly scrolling on social media for hours on end. We know it’s a bad habit, but yet we just can’t stop! Am I right or am I right? Without going into all the statistics and science behind what makes […]

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  Well that’s a wrap! Greg and Jenny’s wedding was our last wedding of 2018 and I have to say, we ended this season with one of the most beautiful weddings and couples! Greg and Jenny got married at Stone Bridge Farms in Cullman, Alabama. We love this venue and their wonderful team of people […]

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In August, my side of the family went on our annual beach vacation in Virginia Beach. As usual, it was a wonderful time to unwind, spend time with family, and a new tradition: take some photos! We don’t always take photos when we’re on vacation, but I think it’s going to become a standard thing […]

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