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May 13, 2015

It’s been way too long since Rudy and Jacki have graced the “pages” of my blog. Their 4 year anniversary was a great excuse to take some photos again! I absolutely cannot believe it’s already been 4 years!! And yet, at the exact same time, I absolutely cannot believe that it’s only been 4 years! Time is a funny thing.

Anyways, we started Rudy and Jacki’s session at their home and I seriously love that! What better place to do an anniversary session than at your home! Perfect! And if you’ve seen any of my previous anniversary sessions with them, you know that there is a theme/gift for each anniversary. Year 1 was paper, year 2 was cotton, year 3 was leather, and year 4 is linen! You’ll see the linen scattered throughout the shoot… more specifically in the linen piece covered in calligraphied (is that a word?) lyrics from Rudy and Jacki’s first dance song. The gorgeous calligraphy was done by Linen & Leaf <3

As always, I had a blast photographing these two. Here are some of my favorite photos from this shoot! :)

Rudy and Jacki Blog_0001 Rudy and Jacki Blog_0002 Rudy and Jacki Blog_0003 Rudy and Jacki Blog_0004 Rudy and Jacki Blog_0011Rudy and Jacki Blog_0005 Rudy and Jacki Blog_0006 Rudy and Jacki Blog_0007 Rudy and Jacki Blog_0008 Rudy and Jacki Blog_0009 Rudy and Jacki Blog_0010 Rudy and Jacki Blog_0012 Rudy and Jacki Blog_0013 Rudy and Jacki Blog_0014 Rudy and Jacki Blog_0015 Rudy and Jacki Blog_0016 Rudy and Jacki Blog_0017 Rudy and Jacki Blog_0018 Rudy and Jacki Blog_0019 Rudy and Jacki Blog_0020 Rudy and Jacki Blog_0021 Rudy and Jacki Blog_0022 Rudy and Jacki Blog_0023


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