The Best Decision I Ever Made For My Business

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August 3, 2017

The decision was easily one of the, if not THE best decision/change I made for my business! I have been wanting to share this blog for MONTHS now, but I keep putting it off because I didn’t know how to adequately describe how much of a game changer this change has been. But, today is the day. I decided I needed to just write the blog and share it, even though I know I’ll come up with more reasons why this change has been so amazing to add to the blog after I hit publish.

First, my backstory…

I’ve been shooting weddings full time for 7 years. In those 7 years, about 5 of them have involved being completely bogged down and completely overwhelmed with editing. It took up SO much of my time… several days worth of time editing each week.

I was encouraged to look into hiring an editor, but I couldn’t comprehend how anyone else could edit my photos like I could. I really struggled with letting go of control with my editing, so I kept doing it myself… and wearing myself out in the process.

Finally, around year 4, I decided enough was enough and tried outsourcing my editing. I tried 2 cheap, big box, outside-of-the-US companies and both were complete failures. I was so discouraged. It was another year before I would try again.  Almost 2 years ago, I tried one more time with another big box company. There was definitely room to improve, but I didn’t hate it, so I kept using them for a year. But even after giving feedback on some improvements I wanted the editor to make, I felt as if they didn’t really pay attention to my feedback and that was frustrating. And it’s no wonder. I was one of probably hundreds of clients, so of course there wasn’t a real relationship between my editor(s) and I or that level of consistency or excellence with their edits. How could there be when they were juggling so many clients?

I still spent 3+ additional hours re-editing about 75% of the edited photos after I received them from the editor. That was when Will finally said “Erin, this isn’t working. It’s not worth it if you are still stressed and re-editing almost all of the photos. You need to look into other options.

He was SO right.

At the beginning of this year, I decided that enough was enough. I knew I needed an editor, but I also knew that the cheap, big box companies weren’t cutting it. That’s when I decided to look for my own private photo editor, someone who didn’t have 100 clients, but a small, limited number of clients to ensure quality, one-on-one care for each client.

<Insert Angels singing> I met my editor, Emily, over Facetime for a consultation a few days after I started my search. We talked for 3 hours just chatting away about weddings, our dogs, life in general. I sent her my first wedding to edit the following week and I was blown away by how much of a difference there was with her very first editing job for me as opposed to the bigger companies after working with them for over a year. She actually paid attention to my editing style! She actually listened to what I liked and didn’t like with my edits. I was sold… And the rest is history! I was a VERY lucky girl, swooping in just before the buzzer to be one of the last new clients she was taking on at the time.

Since March, my wedding/editing workflow has gone from stressful, overwhelming, frustrating, and time-consuming to easy, stress-free, and fast! I never thought there would come a day where I could shoot a wedding for clients, get it blogged that same week, then have their fully edited gallery of images delivered to them less than 2 weeks after their wedding day — during busy wedding season. Oh and this was all while traveling, enjoying life, feeling completely relaxed and stress-free, and hanging out with friends in the meantime.

Ya’ll, it’s priceless!! And it is my reality now!

I’m just really bummed that it took me so long to not only start using an editor, but to find the right editor for me. A private editor who gets my style and my vision. Emily is such a Godsend… and she knows that. I may or may not tell her that every time we email ;-)

And in addition to the benefits I am personally receiving from working with an editor, my clients are also benefitting! They are seeing their blogs sooner, they are receiving their photo galleries faster, they are receiving even more one-on-one attention and care from me because I have more time… the list goes on and on!

So that is my story. The story of the best decision we have ever made for my business.

It sometimes brings me to tears just thinking about how thankful I am to have this heavy load lifted off my shoulders so that I can breathe, enjoy, dream up new dreams, and plan new exciting directions for my business. I never EVER would have been able to do any of that if I didn’t have my editor giving me that freedom. Truly.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below! I’d love to chat with you!


I'd love to chat with you!

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