Yes, this is real life. I am introducing you to my dogs for today’s Friday Introduction! Haha! I’m laughing out loud as I’m typing this because I KNOW it’s silly. BUT, at the same time, who can resist these adorable faces?! I know I can’t! I’m the crazy girl who acts like her dogs are her children and I have no shame in that. Until we have actual kids, these girls are my kids ;-)

You’ve already met Will and I in previous Friday Introduction blogs, so it was about time you were introduced to the furry Lindseys with some random facts about our dog-ters (yes, I combined “dog” with “daughters”)

Meet Ellie and Daisy!

Daisy is the grey one, Ellie is the black one :)


Ellie and Daisy weren’t our first dogs… we actually adopted a Beagle mix, Pixi, back in 2010. That was when we made the heartbreaking discovery that both Will and I were allergic to dogs, so we had to give Pixi to a family friend.


Ellie’s original name was Delsie, which we didn’t like. We literally chose “Ellie” because it sounded close enough to Delsie that we felt like Ellie could start answering to Ellie quickly. It worked!


Daisy’s original name was Heidi, but because we have a niece named Heidi, we knew we had to change the name.


We don’t know how old they are, but we think they are both about 6-7 years old.


We adopted Ellie in 2012 from a foster in Nashville! We found her via She was a stray picked up by the pound in North Alabama, then brought to a foster in Nashville. Her description sounded like the perfect fit for us, so I drove up to Nashville to get her. Will didn’t even meet Ellie until a day later because he was out of town at the time.


We found Daisy when Will sent me a photo of her which he found on a local Facebook group. He said “we should get her!” half-jokingly… because her big ears matched Ellie’s big ears, we joked that she would be a good fit for our family. Long story short, we ended up adopting Daisy a few months later in December 2013.


(What they looked like when we first adopted them! Sweet Daisy… we could see her potential despite the terrible photo! hahahaa!)


Ellie is very obedient and very easy. If you say “bedtime”, she darts straight into her crate, no hesitation. It’s kinda cute :)


Daisy, not always so obedient. She’s a work in progress ;-)


Ellie has an OBSESSION with dripping/splashing water. If we turn on the sink, she’s there waiting to jump and snap at the drops of water. It’s the cutest thing!


Daisy is obsessed with cuddling. She is the perfect cuddling dog. She always finds the perfect little nooks to curl up in (often on top of us)




Ellie and Daisy are both Miniature Schnauzer (hypoallergenic) mixes! We think Ellie is a mix with a toy poodle and we have no idea what Daisy is mixed with. We just know that whatever she’s mixed with is NOT hypoallergenic :-/ We have mini-allergies when she gets in our faces… which is quite often! Haha!

…Oh and they also don’t love having their photo taken ;-) Thanks to Ais Portraits for the photo above! :-D

You can see more of Ellie and Daisy’s shenanigans on Instagram at #MissEllieAndMissDaisy #EllieLindsey and #DaisyLindsey :-D

Happy Friday!



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