You read that right! For my third giveaway during my Month of Giveaways, I’m giving away a One-on-One Manual Photography lesson OR a One-on-One Mentoring Session! There will be one winner and the winner gets to choose which session they get!

The Manual Photography lesson will be the exact material I cover in my bigger workshops that I do from time to time, only even better because it’s one on one and we can cater to the winner’s specific needs!

The Mentoring Session is ideal for new photographers who just need someone to bounce ideas off of, get tips, or maybe just you need someone who you can ask those burning photography, wedding, or business questions. It’s catered to the winner, so the sky is the limit on what we can cover!

I wanted to make sure that people who don’t live in the North Alabama area still got to enter to win, so these sessions can be done in person OR over Skype/Facetime if you live out of town! Yes, even the Manual Photography Lesson! It can be done! :-D So even if you don’t live in North Alabama, don’t let that stop you from entering to win!


TO ENTER TO WIN: Leave a comment telling me which one you’d like to win (the photography lesson or the mentoring session) and why!


FOR BONUS ENTRIES: Head to my Facebook and Instagram pages and leave a comment on those posts for an extra entry on each platform!


FOR EVEN MORE BONUS ENTRIES: Tag up to 5 friends who you think might be interested in this giveaway in the comments on Facebook and/or on Instagram! *Please leave separate comments for each friend tagged*

The winner will be chosen next week and announced on my Facebook page and Instagram page! Good Luck!! :-D

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19 Responses

  1. Reply Shelby Miller

    I’d choose the manual lesson because it’s been so long since I’ve taken a class and I have a nice camera now, and I want to make the most of it!

  2. Reply Teri Brandon

    I would love the mentoring session!! I love your work and business practice and need help taking my photography to the next level!

  3. Reply Teri Brandon

    I would pick the mentor session!! I would love help taking my photography to the next level and would love to learn from the best!

  4. Reply Christina Hayden

    I’d love to have a mentoring session on Lightroom! I’m pretty proficient in shooting manually but would love to be able to fine tune in an effective way without making everything look over edited. <3

  5. Reply Katie

    I’d love a photography lesson to finally use that fancy camera I have to take pictures of my babies while they’re still babies!

  6. Reply Amber L.

    I would love the photography lesson!! It would help me out such a great deal and would be something I could use for years to come. I posted on Instagram my entire reason why, but I would be stoked to win this!! Again, my fingers are crossed!

  7. Reply Alex Mallard

    Photography so I can take pictures of my baby boy!

  8. Reply Alex Mallard

    Photography so I can take pictures of my baby boy!

  9. Reply Rlaine

    I would choose the manual
    Photography lesson because I have always been interested in photography, and could
    Definitely use some pointers! Thanks Erin! Happy anniversary month!

  10. Reply Jodie

    I would love to win a mentoring session! I recently started doing a few photography sessions for friends & family and would love advice on doing this more.

  11. Reply Jodie

    I would love to win a mentoring session! I recently started doing a few sessions for friends and family and would love some advice.

  12. Reply Haley

    Photography lesson because you’re one of my favorite photographers and it would be AMAZING to learn from you!

  13. Reply Mirandy Bennett

    Would love to win – love learning from you!

  14. Reply Janet Adams

    I would love to win the manuel photography leasson so. I could take better picture of my family ,including my fur babies and our adventures! It would be great to learn from one of the best !

  15. Reply Jessie Sheran

    I would love either really but I want to learn the best settings on my camera to get the best out of different light. I’d also love some photo editing tips as I’m definitely a beginner there. I’m a teacher and would really love to begin doing photography on the side…. it’s something I love!

  16. Reply Melanie League

    I’d love to have the manual photography lesson so I can learn to use the nice camera given to me after having my daughter! Also, knowing how to manage my settings would help me take better photos in my technical communication career!

  17. Reply Ashley

    I’ve had an incredible Nikon for years but I’m always so afraid to mess up pictures shooting in manual! Soo I live on auto! I would LOVE to learn so much more about my camera and how to use it!!

  18. Reply Talia

    I would chose the mentoring session because your energy about your business is just adorable and I feel like it draws everyone in! I would love the honor to learn your story and what worked for you!

  19. Reply Stephanie Cashin

    Matt and I are headed to Haiti this August to serve together for his first ever mission trip! I would love to be able to capture those moments!