This blog was so much fun to put together! Going through all of our Hawaii photos (real camera and iphone) put me right back on those magical beaches. I want to go back!!

Most of you know that Will and I recently vacationed in Hawaii. It was a lifelong dream of mine and far exceeded my already high expectations. I may or may not have looked at Hawaii MLS while we were still there. I couldn’t help it! It’s just a wonderful place. I cannot wait to go back one day!

We were there for a week and visited Maui then Kauai.  On the blog today, I’ll be sharing some stories and our photos from the trip — both our real camera photos and some iphone photos too (so you’ve been warned if you see an occasional bad-quality image;-)

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed reliving our trip through them!

  Ya’ll. We stayed at THE most wonderful bed and breakfast in the heart of Maui with THE most wonderful hosts in the whole wide world. It was a magical, tropical, wonderland! Our view of West Maui<3  Our sweet hosts had fresh pineapple and homemade banana macadamia nut bread for us…  I really really loved this path for some reason <3 You can’t tell from the photo, but these plants were taller than me!  Tired from travel, but oh so happy with our B&B!  If you ever go to Maui, you must stay at Art and Lynnette’s Bed and Breakfast! Will and I both agree that it made our visit to Maui as wonderful as it was. We wish we could’ve stayed longer!  Once we unpacked and showered, we were off to Wailea for an extra exciting surprise! What a dream come true to do a photoshoot on the beach… on Maui… at sunset. The perfect way to kickoff our trip!!  Thank you, Ashley, for grabbing this quick shot for us!! :-D After the photoshoot, we went to dinner at Paia Fish Market, which was recommended to us by our gracious B&B hosts. It ended up being one of mine and Will’s favorite meals of the whole trip. It may actually be Will’s favorite favorite. He couldn’t stop talking about his fish burger for the rest of the trip! And my fish tacos were incredible. Yes, I ate plenty of seafood on this trip and loved it all!!  The next morning, we were a little jetlagged and were awake by about 5:30am, so we just sat in bed and slowy drank our coffee and ate our banana macadamia nut bread with the doors open while we watched the sunrise. It was such a perfect, surreal experience. After breakfast, we headed out to drive the Road to Hana!  The Road to Hana blew us away pretty much from the getgo. And little did we know that it was just going to get better and better as we drove on…  I could imagine a bride and groom portrait right here… perfection.  Anyone want to get married on Maui???  Quick pit stop for a snack: some more banana bread and some coconut candy!  Our dear friends and former wedding clients, Brock and Lauren, honeymooned in Hawaii and gave us so many helpful tips. The best tip we received period was to download the Shaka Tour Guide app. We downloaded the Road to Hana tour, the Kauai North Shore tour, and the Napali Coast/Waimea Canyon Tour and they were THE BEST investments we made! We highly recommend these tours!! If you plan on going to Hawaii, you MUST download the tours! You’ll thank us later.

This little cave on the side of the road was one of the many hidden treasures that the Shaka Tours pointed out to us.  Something about Hawaiian rocks… <3    These trees were mind blowing. No, that is not paint… that’s the bark!! Lunchtime!  Black Sand Beach was easily one of my favorite parts of the whole trip. I just can’t get over the beautiful contrast of the black, bright green, and blue!  Those colors! I mean, come on!!  The epitome of Hawaiian beauty: Beach, mountains, sun, palm trees… I absolutely  loved the views at this beach <3  Our last stop on the Road to Hana before heading back was this magnificent waterfall… and I got to check another thing off my bucket list: swim “under” a waterfall (didn’t actually swim under it because we were told not to) We started our next day with the most delicious breakfast (cooked for us by our wonderful B&B hosts, Art and Lynnette) while sitting outside on the lanai. Hawaiian dreams right there. It was SO good!On this day, we drove around the West side of Maui…  Lahaina Town. I love this lovely town!   You know what’s crazy? This lovely little restuarant in the photo below… it was some generic restaurant like Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Haha!  We had the loveliest lunch with the lovliest view and breeze! Loved this lunch experience! The food was great too!  As we continued to drive along the West side of Maui, we stumbled upon this trail, so we decided to explore. It ended up being one of my favorite spots on that part of the island! Those trees just blow my mind! Photos do not do them justice!   Fun story: We were on a quest to find this blowhole. We walked and walked in the hot afternoon sun in our flip flops (we didn’t think through our day and didn’t wear appropriate shoes). We had to climb up and down these rocks (which were much more daunting in real life… especially when you’re wearing flip flops). We walked a few miles only to come to a dead end. No blowhole. So we walked back to our car feeling tired, hot, and defeated. About a mile down the road, we found the real trail to the blowhole. Turns out, we had stopped too early. Oops!  The blowhole area also had this famous heart shaped rock! I was so happy to find it! How cute is that??? <3  We caught just a few eruptions on camera…  Our drive back to central Maui by way of the North coast was terrifying, to say the least. Windy one carlength wide roads on the edge of a cliff… for about an hour. It was an adventure!  Will did a fabulous job not killing us. Thanks babe! :) When we got back to our B&B just before sunset, it was rainy and foggy and super cool looking! Time for dinner at Mama’s Fish House!  Thank you for the recommendation, Daniel and Kim!! The next morning, we woke up bright and early to watch the sunrise on top of Haleakala… and what a gorgeous sunrise it was! Totally worth the early wake up call! Side story: my tennis shoes were still wet from swimming in the waterfall 2 days earlier, and it was far too cold to wear flip flops, so I had to wear Will’s shoes. I felt like a clown they were so big on me!  One last goodbye for our B&B before we caught our flight to Kauai! Our first full day on Kauai was our one day we set aside for doing nothing. We rented a beach cabana and hung out there all day lounging, reading books, eating, and drinking tropical drinks. Paradise!  For dinner that evening, we ventured to South Kauai for dinner at Beach House Restaurant. It boasts heavenly sunsets and even more heavenly food and atmosphere. Definitely one of my favorite meals of our trip!! The next morning, it was time for our next surprise adventure! At dinner about 6 months ago, our friends, JD and Whitney, told us about a helicopter tour they did on Kauai. This specific tour lands at Jurassic Falls… in fact, it is the only helicopter tour that is allowed to do so! When we eventually decided to visit Hawaii, the one request/requirement Will had was to do that helicopter tour. Even though I always swore I would never ride in a helicopter, I made an exception because Hawaii. Haha! I am so glad we did this tour! It was THE highlight of our trip!  We had noise canceling headphones with epic music playing. Right as we turned the corner and saw the waterfall, our pilot turned on the Jurassic Park theme song. It. Was. perfect!   Waimea Canyon – “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific”  The Napali Coast is what I had been dreaming of seeing and it did not disappoint!  Photos do not do it justice!  We were lucky enough to be seated in the front with the pilot, so we basically had floor to ceiling unobstructed views!  We flew right up to the mountains/cliffs… so close that I thought we might hit the mountain a few times! Haha!  Our resort had lovely grounds… and a parrot! :) It wouldn’t be a Hawaii post without a chicken. They were everywhere!After our morning helicopter tour, we ventured out to the North Shore (using our Shaka Guide app). We explored so many different, wonderful beaches including this one below, which was where they filmed some of Gilligan’s Island.  I can’t get over the green and blue together. It’s so mesmerizingly beautiful to me!  My first and only acai bowl on our trip. I’m so bummed I didn’t get one before this day! SO yummy!!   Very reassuring to see just before you go hiking on the trail…  Favorite view!! <3   We trekked up a little higher to get to the view of the Napali Coast… so worth the hike!  It was very windy!   Our first shave ice of the trip… SO obsessed!! I’m still craving it! YUMMMMM!  Hanalei Bay… one of our favorites. This is where I’d like to live. We walked up and down this beach looking for the house in one of the scenes in the movie The Descendants… and we found it! :)  There was a bride and groom shoot going on while we were there… I was a little jealous ;-) Our last full day in Hawaii started with a tour of Kauai Coffee Company…  Next, we continued down the road to Waimea Canyon…  Our grand finale was suppose to be a view of the Napali Coast like this photo below (***I did not take this photo***).  I had been looking forward to this view ever since we booked our trip. We planned to go out with a bang by finishing our trip with this epic, mindblowing, perfect view…

….well, it was a foggy, rainy day, so this was our view instead:

Hahahaa! As disappointing as it was, I can’t help but laugh!  And I am so thankful that we did the helicopter tour the day before!!

That about completes our trip! After that lovely foggy view, we drove back to our resort for a few hours of reading by the pool, then went our to a delicious dinner. We flew back the next morning and it was 24 hours before we arrived back to our home.

I have so enjoyed looking back through our photos and reliving some of my favorite moments of the trip…I hope you did too! I want to go back! I can’t wait until we can visit these lovely islands again. Like I said earlier, Hawaii far exceeded my expectations. I now understand what all the fuss is about. I think I might be in love ;-)

If you are planning on visiting Maui and/or Kauai and want some tips, feel free to leave a comment and I’d be happy to help if I can! Or maybe I’ll post a Hawaii Tips blog in the near future!

Aloha! :-D


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  1. Reply Marisa

    Goooooorgeous! A trip to remember. Paradise!! It reminds me a lot of Iceland, but with tropical, lush vegetation. And WOW – that helicopter ride!! I am so glad you were able to escape to paradise:)

  2. Reply Anna

    This is breathtaking! What a wonderful trip. When do we get all of the outfit details?😉