While we were in the Midwest a few weeks ago (read more about that trip in yesterday’s blog post HERE), Will and I had the incredible pleasure of having the extremely talented Anna Shackleford from Anna Shackleford Photography take some photos for us in Fort Collins, CO!

When we first booked our trip about 2 months ago, I knew I wanted to find a Colorado or South Dakota photographer to take photos for us while we were there. Will and I haven’t had a real photoshoot together (where we had more than 1 hours notice) in over 3 years. Much to my dismay, finding a photographer out there was alot harder than I thought it would be. I realized that doing a photoshoot probably wasn’t going to happen. About 1.5 weeks before our trip, I happened to see one of Anna’s Instagram stories and she was talking about how they were on their way to Colorado!

Back story: I met Anna almost 2 years ago at a photography workshop by some of my favorites, Justin & Mary, in Charleston, SC. Anna was one of the models at that workshop! She was such a sweetheart and so fun and easy to photograph. I found out she was a photographer, so naturally I looked her up, fell in love with her gorgeous work, and started following her on social media… and the rest is history!

Anyways, after seeing Anna’s Instagram story, I immediately contacted her to see if they were by any chance going to be in the Denver area during our short weekend trip out there and asked if she would be available to do a shoot for us. I cannot tell you how excited I was when Anna wrote back and said that they could do a shoot! YAY!  I believe that God saw that desire I had to do a shoot with Will in Colorado and decided to answer it in an even more delightful way that I could’ve hoped for!

Will and I had so much fun hanging out with Anna and her husband, Daniel, for the evening with such gorgeous Colorado mountains, water, and sunset as our backdrop.

I have SO many favorite photos from our shoot with Anna… In fact, literally every. single. photo. is a favorite of mine, so narrowing it down for this blog post was VERY tough. Thank you, Anna, for such an amazing experience and for giving us stunning photos that capture who we truly are as a couple. You have such a gift!

Photo Credit for all photos in this blog: Anna Shackleford Photography

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Again, a HUGE thank you to Anna for taking these beautiful photos for us! We will treasure them forever! <3

Anna blogged about our shoot a few days ago and you see that blog post HERE. Daniel also made a video during our shoot and you can view that video HERE :)

To see more of Anna’s gorgeous work, visit her website



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    Love these! You guys are a precious couple!