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About a month ago, I received an email from Ryan saying that he was getting ready to propose to his longtime girlfriend, Hannah. He told me that she had mentioned to him that when he proposed, she wanted me to photograph it…


Oh my goodness – I LOVE proposals!

I could not have been more excited to receive Ryan’s email! So long story short, we discussed the proposal plan, some things Ryan wanted to incorporate into the proposal to make it more personal (more on that later), and we discussed locations and the fact that sunset would be the perfect time of day for the best, most stunning light.

We decided to do the proposal about a week later at Arrington Vineyards in Franklin, TN. It was all of our first times there and it did not disappoint! They were hosting their first Music in the Vines event. It was a chilly and VERY windy day but it was still such fun!

The plan was for me and Will to drive up to Arrington Vineyards, find a perfect, private spot that would show off the gorgeous sunset for the backdrop for the proposal. We found said spot, then proceeded to try to secretly text back and forth with Ryan (hopefully without Hannah knowing) as they were traveling up there to explain to him where he was to walk. Ryan put me in his phone as “Zack” (his best friend) so that Hannah wouldn’t get suspicious. Genius!

Me and Will decided to disguise ourselves as “a couple in love” (though I guess it wasn’t really a disguise, because it’s true! ;-) snuggling on a blanket just off to the side of the private proposal spot. We didn’t want to run the risk of Hannah seeing me with my big ole camera, recognizing me, thus ruining the surprise, so me and Will just snuggled and snuggled — keeping my face and camera hidden — until Will whispered to me that I could turn around and start photographing them.

I’ll tell more details of the story throughout the rest of the blog… enjoy!

BLOG Proposal_01 BLOG Proposal_02 We found our spot :)BLOG Proposal_03 Ryan was able to get Hannah come with him to this spot off to the side, away from everyone, without being suspicious because he told her there were cows and deer out there (which she happens to love). The photo below shows them “looking for the cows and deer” as Ryan begins to pull the ring out of his pocket.  Haha! I love it! BLOG Proposal_04 BLOG Proposal_05 YAY!BLOG Proposal_06 BLOG Proposal_07 BLOG Proposal_08 That sunset. I mean, come on! It could not have been more perfect for us!BLOG Proposal_09 Time to jump out and say “Surprise! We’re taking photos!” :)BLOG Proposal_10  Putting the ring on her finger. I love Hannah’s expression here <3BLOG Proposal_12 BLOG Proposal_13 BLOG Proposal_14 So the Starbucks cup…. when I met with Ryan to go over the details of the proposal, he mentioned that they both love coffee — like LOVE — and always have a Starbucks in their hand. He mentioned that Hannah couldn’t wait until the day she could get them to write “Mrs. Newman” on her cup, so hewanted to incorporate a “Mrs. Newman” Starbucks cup into their proposal by giving it to her and letting her see it just before he got on his knee.  So sweet!BLOG Proposal_15 Gotta get a ring shot on those vines! What a stunning ring!! Great job, Ryan!BLOG Proposal_16

After the proposal, we had about 5-10 minutes before we lost sunlight, so we quickly jumped into a mini engagement session. This photo below is one of my favorites…BLOG Proposal_18 BLOG Proposal_19 Another favorite!BLOG Proposal_20 Also, can I please talk about how GORGEOUS Hannah looked?? She didn’t know she was going to be photographed, it was an insanely cold and windy day, and she had just gone through a wonderfully emotional moment (the proposal) where she cried a few tears…. and yet she looked AMAZING and photo ready! How in the world? Teach me your secret, Hannah!BLOG Proposal_21 BLOG Proposal_22 Love <3 BLOG Proposal_23 BLOG Proposal_24 Yay! They’re engaged!BLOG Proposal_25



Some behind the scenes photos before and after the proposal….

Me and will “snuggling”, waiting for Ryan and Hannah to walk by. Also, it was SO windy out!

BLOG Proposal_26

After the proposal :) Yay!BLOG Proposal_27

Ryan and Hannah are such a wonderful couple. I loved every minute of photographing this for them and getting to know them better as a couple afterwards. We’re so lucky to have been able to be a part of this special day in their lives. Ryan and Hannah, I am so excited for you guys and this new, exciting adventure you are on!! Thank you for having us there to celebrate with you! Love you guys!


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