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Will and I took a Disney cruise to Grand Cayman and the Bahamas last month. Several of you have asked me to blog some of the photos we took while on the trip…. your wish is my command!

Back in March, Will and I decided that we needed to go on one last hurrah before crazy wedding season started. We knew that once it started in April, it wasn’t going to let up until at least November. It’s only been 1 month since we went on the cruise and we’ve already photographed 4 weddings. We have 4 more wedding weekends in a row before our next break for 1 weekend, then it starts all over again the following week… So this cruise was wonderful relaxation for us… the calm before the storm, if you will ;-)

As most of you know, we love us some Disney! You might even say we’re hooked on Disney. It’s not about Mickey Mouse or even the rides or shows that you experience while at Disney… though of course those are great! But what we actually love about Disney so much, and the reason why we keep coming back to Disney, is their dedication to providing their guests with excellent customer service and an amazing vacation. We’ve never had anything less than an amazing, magical, excellent experience when we’ve done a Disney vacation. THAT’S why we love Disney so much!

Almost exactly 1 year ago, we went on our very first cruise to photograph one of our favorite weddings ever, Aaron and Jessica’s wedding day! (You can view their wedding blog HERE)  We were hooked on cruising from that moment on and couldn’t wait to go on our next cruising adventure!

Below are some photos highlighting our recent cruise to Grand Cayman and the Bahamas courtesy of the Disney Wonder! Enjoy!

*Disclaimer: Except for in unique situations, I never bring my “real” camera on vacation… so all of these photos are taken with my iPhone, hence the terrible quality on some of them. Also, another disclaimer, when I’m on vacation, I’m not required to take straight photos, so if you see a crooked photo… ;-)

We stared our trip enjoying the sights, sounds, and tastes of Miami for a day… it was our first time there and we loved it!

IMG_9009 copy The next day was cruise day!

….The obligatory food and sailing away photos ;-)IMG_9050 copy The sunset on the first night was incredible — it was also very windy!IMG_9420 copy IMG_9102 copy Dinner at Palo! We were 1 of only 2 couples in the entire restaurant, so we basically had the whole place to ourselves.IMG_9120 copy The next morning, Will read his book while I went to get a massage and facial… amaaaazing. That afternoon, we took an animation class and learned how to draw Donald Duck!IMG_9133 copy Beautiful blue water and skies on our first full day at sea! And that tiny spec in the photo below… that’s a pirate ship! ;-)IMG_9141 copy IMG_9139 copy The next day, we arrived in Grand Cayman and held some sea turtles, swam with dolphins, and just enjoyed the gorgeous scenery…2016-04-10 12.29.37 copy13002488_583156994865_3695442888107462984_o A little panoramic view of what I thought was a stunning sight in Grand Cayman!2016-04-10 11.15.44 copyBack aboard the ship, looking at the island <32016-04-10 13.42.48 copy IMG_9400 copy The next day was another full day at sea, so in-between reading our books (we spent about 50% of our time on the cruise reading and it was heaven), we went to a cooking class where the pastry chef made apple strudel for us! YUM!

Also, funny story, that photo of Will looking at the menu…. that was the day we realized that suddenly neither one of us could read anymore/we had blurry vision (as a side effect of the sea sickness patch) and we had to buy reading glasses. What was so weird about it was that both Will and I have great eyesight and have never needed glasses or anything. So it was a very weird feeling to go from normal eyesight to waking up the next morning and needing glasses! Our eyesight eventually went back to normal a day or two later :)2016-04-11 09.26.30-2 copy Then we watched The Little Mermaid :) IMG_9402 copy Can’t do a Disney trip without Mickey waffles! Then it was off the ship to enjoy Disney’s private island in the Bahamas, Castaway Cay!IMG_9156 copy We spent hours and hours sitting on the quiet, adults only beach reading, getting some sun, and playing in the water. That is both mine and Will’s definition of the most perfect, relaxing vacation…2016-04-12 15.05.52-1 copy Oh look, Jack Sparrow! :)2016-04-12 15.30.58 copy

The next day, we headed home… It was an incredible, relaxing trip. We’re so thankful that we had the opportunity to go on this trip! I encourage anyone who might be considering a Disney Cruise to go for it!!!

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  1. Reply Lindsay walker

    I’m sitting here reading this in my hotel room at the Atlanta airport the night before I leave for my Disney cruise. This post could not be more perfectly timed! I completely agree. The Disney cruise line is everything a vacation should be and its worth every penny.

  2. Reply Carla Buckner

    How perfect! I’m headed to GC this weekend and I cannot wait!