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I’m still on a high from Alex and Christina’s stunning destination wedding weekend at Barnsley Resort in Georgia! It was my last wedding of 2020 — as well as my last wedding for a little while (more on that later) — and it was the perfect wedding to go out with! First, let’s talk about […]

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What can I say about Nolan and Beth Ann’s wedding other than it was magical, perfect, beautiful, joyful, fun… and long awaited ;-) Nolan and Beth Ann’s original wedding date was back in May of this year and it was postponed until now because, you guessed it, the global pandemic. It broke my heart all […]

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This past Sunday, we FINALLY got to celebrate with Chris and Lindsey the way they had originally planned to celebrate their wedding day! If you remember my last blog back in April, Chris and Lindsey had to postpone their April wedding due to COVID-19. They decided to still get married on their original April wedding […]

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Well goodness. The coronavirus is really wreaking havoc on us, isn’t it? I hate that so many weddings have been affected by this. It breaks my heart for my two couples who have had to postpone their weddings and for all of the brides and grooms who were within weeks (or even days) of their […]

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*First, I want to start by giving everyone a heads up that I am sharing photos from my labor and delivery; however, I am not sharing any graphic images. I’m fairly private, so I’m keeping the photos pretty neutral and un-graphic for this blog, don’t worry ;-) I’ve been so excited and eager to see […]

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YAY! It’s maternity photo time!! I can’t believe WE have maternity photos — and that at the time of these photos, we were just at the 31 weeks mark. Time has seriously flown this pregnancy! It’s all so hard to wrap my head around! We chose our friend and talented photographer, Lauren Tomasella Photography, for […]

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