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December 31, 2013

2013 blog_16

I love making memories and preserving them. Whether that be through photographs or blogging…. or both!  I like to document life. Those big, or small, moments in life that have special significance. I am blessed to have a job that allows me to capture those moments for others. What could be better?  I love to document my life too. Sometimes I use my “real” camera, but most of the time, these moments come and go so quickly, so I have to use my iPhone camera and I’m honestly perfectly ok with that. I just want it to be documented in some way so that years down the road I can look back and smile at those captured moments. I guess I’m a sentimental person.

I couldn’t bear the thought of not blogging about 2013 today. I almost feel like if I don’t blog about it, somehow 2013’s feelings will be hurt or somehow it will be as if these moments never happened.  As I looked through my photos from this year, I smiled a lot, reminisced a lot, had a lot of memories surface that I had forgotten about. What a fun year full of new adventures! I love remembering. I love seeing those moments again. I love being reminded that no matter what struggles I’ve faced, no matter how many disappointments I’ve experienced, no matter how many stressful days I’ve had, I am blessed. I will be thankful. I will be happy. There is so much I have been given and blessed with that I can’t help but think on those things with a grateful heart. I can’t help but smile. What an incredible year! Let’s go down memory lane, shall we? :)

We started the year off by adopting our youngest puppy daughter, Daisy. She is such a joy!! I love my little girl!

2013 blog_01

Then, I was published in my first magazine!!! SO exciting!! (*iphone photos)

2013 blog_02

I photographed my first proposal… on Valentine’s Day!

2013 blog_03

We started building our house!

2013 blog_042013 blog_052013 blog_062013 blog_072013 blog_082013 blog_09

I traveled overseas for the first time! Dream come true!!

AND I went to Paris and saw the Eiffel Tower!!! Another big dream come true!

2013 blog_10

I went to Italy and had the time of my life…. Dream come true!

2013 blog_112013 blog_122013 blog_132013 blog_14

I saw the Colosseum in person! You guessed it…. Dream come true!

2013 blog_152013 blog_16

I rode in a hot air balloon! It was only for about 3 minutes and we only went about 50ft up, but it still counts, right? ;-)

2013 blog_172013 blog_18

I photographed my first styled shoot! SO MUCH FUN!

2013 blog_19

I formed and grew incredible new friendships with incredible people in the wedding industry. Love these guys!

2013 blog_20

I got published in my all time favorite wedding magazine!!! Crazy dream come true!!

2013 blog_212013 blog_22

I photographed a new life coming into the world. It was amazing!

2013 blog_232013 blog_24


A “Favorite Moments of 2013” blog wouldn’t be complete without photos of my clients :)


Favorite Engagement Photos

2013 blog_252013 blog_262013 blog_272013 blog_282013 blog_29

Favorite Bridal Portrait

2013 blog_30

Favorite First Glimpse Moments

2013 blog_312013 blog_322013 blog_33

Favorite Ceremony Shots

2013 blog_342013 blog_35

Favorite “First Kiss As Husband and Wife” Moments

2013 blog_362013 blog_372013 blog_382013 blog_39

Favorite Newlywed Moments

2013 blog_402013 blog_41

Favorite Reception Moments

2013 blog_422013 blog_432013 blog_44

Favorite Wedding Party Shot

2013 blog_45

Favorite Bouquets

2013 blog_46

Favorite Boutonniere (made with a shotgun shell)

2013 blog_47

Favorite Wedding Shoes

2013 blog_48

Favorite Ring Shot

2013 blog_49

Favorite Wedding Cake

2013 blog_50

Favorite Reception Decor

2013 blog_512013 blog_522013 blog_532013 blog_542013 blog_55

Favorite Getting Ready Moment

2013 blog_56

Favorite Un-Posed/Candid Moment

2013 blog_57

Favorite Wedding Party Attire

2013 blog_582013 blog_592013 blog_60

Favorite Bride & Groom Portraits

2013 blog_612013 blog_622013 blog_632013 blog_642013 blog_65


I have loved reminiscing about all that has happened in 2013 and about all of the memorable moments that helped make it amazing. I feel confident that 2014 is going to be just as amazing! Have a Happy Last Day Of 2013 and Have A Happy New Year!



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  1. Clippingimages Outsourcing says:

    a complete year ended with such precious moments of your life………….and with such brilliant jobs indeed……. love all the photographs…

  2. Beth Perry Redman says:

    Gorgeous work I love all of your photos

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