5 Months of Limited Social Media

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June 4, 2019


Well hello there! It sure has been quiet over here on my blog and on my social media over the past 5 months. I shared a little bit about why that is back in January in my 2018 recap blog if you want to read a little more about that.

On that blog, I shared my plans for cutting back on weddings, social media, blogging, and my newsletter in 2019 and my reasons why. I’m proud to say that I stuck to that plan. I haven’t guilted myself into posting. I haven’t felt any pressure from myself or others to add things to a “should-do list”. I’ve really kept social media and all the other “extra” things on the back burner… only spending time on them if I truly felt like it was something that was beneficial to do with my time at that moment.

If you follow me on any of my social media platforms, you may or may not have noticed that I seem to be mostly MIA these days (as in, the past 5 months). It’s crazy that I’ve only posted 21 times on my Instagram feed since the start of the year. It’s crazy that I’ve only blogged 6 times in 2019. It’s crazy that I average only 1 post on Facebook every 2-3 weeks. 

Crazy, but WONDERFUL.

5 months of limited social media has been alot more freeing than I expected it to be (and I expected it to be pretty darn freeing). I’ve noticed often I DON’T think about posting. How often I DON’T stop in the middle of a meaningful moment to take a photos and post it on Instagram. How I choose to sit outside and enjoy the weather instead of getting on Insta stories to post about how amazing the weather is ;-) 

I don’t think “Oh no! I haven’t posted yet today!” anymore. I don’t think “Has anyone commented on my post yet?” anymore. I don’t spend time checking stats. I don’t pay attention to how many new followers I get each week and I don’t feel discouraged when I lose a follower or 2. These things alone are huge for me. 

I’ve realized on a whole new level that there is SO much more to life than being consistent and present on social media! I’ve realized just how much mental (and emotional) space social media was taking up. Now that it’s rarely on my mind, I kinda don’t want to go back.

It’s truly freeing to feel like I don’t HAVE to post anything. To know that I am free to post if I want to, but there is no pressure. 

Instead of apologizing for being mostly MIA so far in 2019, I want to say thank you for allowing me to choose where I want to spend my time. Thank you for allowing me to take a break (maybe just for now, maybe for all of 2019… maybe, but probably not, forever. Who knows?;-)  For now, I am really enjoying the freedom of not putting expectations/rules on myself. Choosing if and when I want to post. Hopefully my posts are even more meaningful and thoughtful when I do post. I’m enjoying the freedom of not feeling obligated to come up with an engaging caption so that I can get more comments so that I can boost my algorithm so that I can get more followers. *Side note: All of that is actually not a bad thing — even necessary — especially if you are starting/growing your business! So keep it up! You have to do the work to see growth! 

Know that if I do post, it’s because I truly want to. No obligation. No pressure. I feel like that is the way it should be, honestly. At least for me.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m still here, but right now I’m choosing to free myself for the first time in 10 years. I’m learning and growing and thriving. I’m happy and healthy and I do miss you guys from time to time :) I do miss interacting with my people all throughout the week, but I have to say that I am enjoying interacting with the people right in front of me, the people I’m closest to even more ;-) 

I’ll be back again soon, I promise! My next blog will probably be photos from mine and Will’s photoshoot on Maui!! :-D  Until then, I encourage you to cut back or take a break from social media if you need it, even if just for 1 day. You don’t have to do it for months like I am ;-) But know that it’s ok to take a break for a little bit.

I hope you’re doing well, friends! I am :)

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