5 Things You Didn’t Know You Needed For Your Photography Business

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September 5, 2018

I love discovering new things that help make my life easier and/or help me run my business more professionally. While I know I share alot of ideas and motivation to help you guys do just that on my blog, newsletter, and social media, today I’m sharing tangible things — actual items — that you didn’t know you needed for your photography business! Ok fine, “need” is a probably strong word, but these 5 items will help you up your business and photography game, give you more time, and just help make life a little easier!

1. Screen Calibrator

I had never even heard of a screen calibrator in the first few years of my business. I never knew the importance of calibrating my screen, and maybe you’re in that category right now. First, what is screen calibration? In layman’s terms, calibrating your screen helps ensure that your photo colors are accurate. Have you ever printed a photo and seen that the colors were way off from the original digital version? Chances are it’s because your screen wasn’t calibrated correctly. Calibrating your monitor helps ensure that what you’re looking at on your screen will be accurate in real life. Want to read a little bit more about monitor calibration? Click HERE for a great article explaining it in more depth!

I personally use a Spyder brand screen calibrator. You can find some great options for calibrators HERE.

2. Multi-Memory Card Reader

Ya’ll. This item changed my life! Ok maybe that’s an exaggeration, but seriously, it made my life so much easier! If you’re a wedding photographer and you have a 1-card reader, listen up!  I used to spend about 3 hours after the wedding uploading memory cards one by one. It took forever! But because I wanted to make sure that all of the cards were uploaded and good to go before I went to bed, that was what I had to deal with. Often times, I would be up until 1am or later after a shooting a wedding. Not fun. (I know that alot of photographers like to upload their memory cards at the wedding during the reception, but honestly, bringing my expensive computer to the wedding and chancing having to leave it alone while memory cards upload just makes me nervous, so I do it as soon as I get home)

Then I discovered THIS multi-card reader and it cut my memory card uploading time down to almost nothing! I can upload 4 memory cards at once using just one USB port. It’s amazing! *Note that you have to purchase the readers corresponding to your memory card type to insert in the hub linked above. 

3. 8-Cell Battery Charger

This one is another life-changer. In my early years of business, I charged my flash batteries in a generic 4 battery charger (I probably bought it from Kroger or something, to be honest). But I would notice that often times my BRAND NEW batteries would lose their charge pretty quickly on a wedding day. It made no sense to me because I had just charged them that morning. Then I learned that if any one of the batteries in the slots is newer/more charged than the other, it will charge the batteries until one of them is fully charged. So basically, the most charged battery was getting charged quickly and leaving the other 3 half charged without me realizing it.

This 8-cell battery charger not only allows me to save time by charging 8 batteries instead of just 4, it charges each battery individually, ensuring that every battery is fully charged. Like I said, life-changing!

4. Laptop Fan

Because this blog is geared towards wedding photographers, I know that alot of you may work from your laptop from bed or from the couch from time to time like I do. And I know that you probably know that dreaded feeling… that burning of your legs feeling or the hot blanket that comes from an overheated laptop. Or, even worse, when your laptop just shuts down because it’s overheated. It’s easy to avoid that by investing in a laptop fan. I plug it into my computer when I’m working from one of my comfy spots in my home and that burning leg feeling is no more!

5. Sample Album

I think that every professional wedding photographer who sells albums to their clients should have a sample album (or 2 or 3) to show potential clients. They need to be able to see what they’ll be purchasing in order to make the decision on whether to invest in it or not. But even if an album is already included in their package, your clients still want to see, touch, flip through an actual album to get a sense of what they’ll be getting. It makes them excited about the end product that they will have in their home after their wedding. Plus, it’s a professional way to present your work and that is never a bad thing!

Do you have any other items you think I should add to the list? Leave a comment below!



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