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October 1, 2013

When my beautiful friend, Hanna Kate, asked if I could take some maternity photos for her, I had to say yes! For as long as I’ve known her, I’ve known of her love for babies and her desire to have one of her own. I am so so happy for Hanna and her husband, Adam, as they await the arrival of their sweet little baby boy. I can’t wait to meet him! :)

Hanna was absolutely gorgeous – glowing. People always say that pregnant woman “glow”, but I never did understand it. That is, until this past year when it seems that all of my friends got pregnant. Haha! And they do… they have this “glow”. It’s stunning. Hanna has always been so beautiful, but now there is this something extra added to her beauty. I desperately hope I look as amazing as she looks when I’m pregnant!

Here are some of my favorites from their session…

Adam and Hanna Maternity_0032Adam and Hanna Maternity_0035Adam and Hanna Maternity_0037Adam and Hanna Maternity_0041Adam and Hanna Maternity_0047Adam and Hanna Maternity_0051Adam and Hanna Maternity_0039Adam and Hanna Maternity_0056Adam and Hanna Maternity_0057Adam and Hanna Maternity_0060Adam and Hanna Maternity_0045

My goodness — Hanna is too stunning!!

Adam and Hanna Maternity_0069Adam and Hanna Maternity_0068

I love this… and I have to give credit to Hanna as she’s the one who came up with this idea and asked if we could do it <3

Adam and Hanna Maternity_0073Adam and Hanna Maternity_0077


Adam and Hanna Maternity_0074Adam and Hanna Maternity_0078Adam and Hanna Maternity_0061Adam and Hanna Maternity_0092Adam and Hanna Maternity_0089Adam and Hanna Maternity_0102Adam and Hanna Maternity_0090Adam and Hanna Maternity_0094



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