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November 7, 2019

You may recognize this couple and that’s because I got to photograph their proposal back in June! It has been fun to be involved with Alex and Christina’s engagement/wedding process from the beginning! :-D We took a few engagement photos after the proposal, of course, but we agreed it would be fun to do another official engagement session too! I’m so glad we did! It’s always fun to get to hang out with my clients :)

We started Alex and Christina’s engagement session on beautiful Green Mountain (Madison County Nature Trail) and finished up in downtown Huntsville. It was a cloudy day, but right as we finished the photoshoot, the sun decided to poke out for a few moments, so I had time to grab about 10 more photos while I had the chance to capture that gorgeous orange sunset! We were also happy to see a few colorful Autumn trees in both locations too, so yay!

Since I’ve had the chance to photograph Alex and Christina TWICE now, I can officially say that they are truly the most adorable, delightful, couple ever! And yet they also somehow pull off that “model” look too. How do I always get so luck to have the BEST clients out there?! Every moment of hanging out with Alex and Christina has been so fun, so filled with joy and laughter. I can’t imagine how wonderful their wedding is going to be next October! For now, enjoy a few of my favorites from their engagement session last week! :-D

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