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February 13, 2019

I do a behind the scenes blog every now and then, and today is the day for another round of behind the scenes photos from some of our wedding days!

We have alot of fun on wedding days and sometimes we get shots that prove that :) Enjoy a few behind the scenes shots of the Erin Lindsey Images team  (and some special appearances by our colleagues) at work!


As proven by the photo below, we take our job very seriously — no time for goofing off ever….

Will likes to show off his traffic directing skills from time to time…

Will likes to pretend he’s serious for a minute, then reveals his true self…

Sometimes my clients ask a question and I know the answer — “Pick me! Pick me!”

 …we like to model for each other’s test shots…

We love our vendor friends… maybe a little too much, Will?

(In Bloom and Woodnote Media)

Gotta get the shot!!!

(Videographers – Woodnote Media)

“Guys, let me show you what grass is… ”
(Videographer – Creative Britt)

Josh: the most serious one of us all…

(Woodnote Media)  Will is an expert dress fluffer…

He’s also an expert bridesmaid… 

Sometimes I catch him dancing on the dance floor…

I may or may not have been having the time of my life in the Bahamas… I can’t tell by looking at this photo ;-)

Clay, whatever I did to make you cry, I’m sorry :(

…when I show off my biceps, but people don’t find them as impressive as I hoped…

(Videographer – Creative Britt)

…when I think I’m being funny by taking a photo of Will….

…but he’s knows this game and isn’t impressed…


I really do love my job and it’s easy to have fun and keep a smile on my face on wedding days because my clients and their families and friends are such a delight! We are so lucky!

You’d think we’d have more behind the scenes photos, but that’s about all we have. We need to do better about getting more behind the scenes stuff for you guys! ;-)  I hope you enjoyed this little behind the scenes look! Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Jessica McCravy says:

    Ok. I don’t understand how you manage to look flawless ALL THE TIME in your BTS photos!! I look like a drowned rat after 20 minutes! And Will was the star of this post. Absolutely adorable, the pair of you!

  2. Elaine says:

    Your captions are the best!! (Lemme show you what grass is! Ha)

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