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March 15, 2016

BLOG Britt and Valerie_01

I’m so excited and honored to be Britt and Valerie’s wedding photographer for their wedding this Fall! Valerie has been a bridesmaid in some weddings I’ve photographed and she’s also good friends with my dear, sweet friend Jacki from Salt+Paperie. So, I’ve had the opportunity to get to know Valerie over the years in different group hangouts. I met Britt maybe a year ago(?) and I was instantly impressed! Valerie picked a good one!  I love this couple!

Britt and Valerie’s engagement session wasn’t the first time I’ve photographed the two of them together. They volunteered to be the “bridesmaid and groomsman” for a styled shoot we did back in the Summer. Both Britt and Valerie were rock stars, easy and fun to work with, and not to mention their stellar good looks made my job extra easy ;-) Having had experienced photographing these two last year, I was even more eager to get to photograph them as a newly engaged couple!

For Britt and Valerie’s engagement session, we chose to shoot by a cave near Valerie’s hometown. It’s not everyday I get to do a shoot by a cave! So cool! Towards the end of the shoot, the sun started peeking through the trees in an OH SO gorgeous way which, as usual, resulted in me doing a few happy dances, cheers/fist pumps, and expressions of “OMG!”

Needless to say, I loved this shoot! Britt and Valerie rocked it… and so did the sun, the location, and don’t even get me started on Valerie’s red Anthro dress! Here are just some of my many favorites from Britt and Valerie’s engagement session!

BLOG Britt and Valerie_02 So sweet together, I can’t even handle it!BLOG Britt and Valerie_03 BLOG Britt and Valerie_05 Could they be any more adorable together?!BLOG Britt and Valerie_06 BLOG Britt and Valerie_07 Love this!BLOG Britt and Valerie_08 BLOG Britt and Valerie_09 Some fun with the sun and Valerie’s ring… BLOG Britt and Valerie_15 BLOG Britt and Valerie_04<3BLOG Britt and Valerie_14BLOG Britt and Valerie_10BLOG Britt and Valerie_11  Some favorites…BLOG Britt and Valerie_13 BLOG Britt and Valerie_12 And here comes that sun! And that dress! <3BLOG Britt and Valerie_16 BLOG Britt and Valerie_17  Favorite!BLOG Britt and Valerie_19 BLOG Britt and Valerie_20 BLOG Britt and Valerie_21 BLOG Britt and Valerie_22 I can’t get over Valerie’s stunning ring!BLOG Britt and Valerie_23 BLOG Britt and Valerie_24 BLOG Britt and Valerie_25 BLOG Britt and Valerie_26 Possibly my all time favorite “back of a dress”!BLOG Britt and Valerie_27 BLOG Britt and Valerie_28 Cuties :)BLOG Britt and Valerie_29 *Swoon*BLOG Britt and Valerie_30 BLOG Britt and Valerie_31 BLOG Britt and Valerie_32  BLOG Britt and Valerie_34 BLOG Britt and Valerie_35 BLOG Britt and Valerie_36 Another favorite!BLOG Britt and Valerie_37


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