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The week before her wedding, I met Caroline and her mom and bridesmaid for her bridal portraits in downtown Huntsville. Why were we doing it the week before her wedding? Well, the weather had a mind of it’s own that week, so we had been rained out of our first attempt :( That weather threw […]

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I can finally share Claire Peyton’s bridal portraits with you guys! Yessss! We did her portraits about a month and a half ago and it has been torture not being able to share them until now. That is the ONE down side to doing a bridal portrait session before the wedding day — I can’t share the photos with the […]

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Ya’ll. I’ve had this post-wedding bride and groom session on my “Hurry up and blog this, Erin” list for a few weeks now. Goodness gracious! The good news is, I’m almost caught up with editing before the holiday season hits full swing (cue celebration streamers), so I’m slowly but surely getting caught up with blogging. Better […]

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Beautiful, beautiful Emily. On the inside and out. Truly, this girl has just as much stunning beauty on the inside and in her personality as she does on the outside. I am so honored to know her. Emily was a bridesmaid in a wedding I photographed several years ago. Every single one of those bridesmaids […]

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Beautiful Miss Mckenna has always brought a smile to my face with every interaction we’ve had whether its through email, in person, at a shoot, and more recently, at her wedding. I just love her! This girl lights up every room she walks in with her beauty, her joy, her kindness. I am so incredibly lucky […]

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I have been looking forward to this blog all year! I’ve been looking forward to it because it’s so much fun going back through all the shoots and weddings I’ve been able to photograph this year and relive the fun memories. I’ve also been dreading it. Haha! Why? Because I have to go back through […]

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