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I almost didn’t get to work with Greg and Jenny :(  Basically, I wasn’t planning to book any more weddings for 2018… until I got THE most delightful email from Jenny.  Her email had so much excitement and she was even willing to pick her date around my availability, so I just had to chat with her […]

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Joe and Alexis’s story is like a romantic movie… After dating for a little bit in college and remaining friends afterwards, there was a moment when they almost wouldn’t have ended up together in the end if not for Joe’s persistence in reaching out to Alexis one last time to see if they had something special […]

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It’s officially that time of year to share Favorite Photos from 2017 and I cannot believe it! It seems like it was just yesterday that I was writing my 2017 Goals blog, and now here I am, writing the end of the year blogs again. Crazy! The engagement sessions I got to so this year […]

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Nick and Stephanie are as delightful as they come! So much so, that literally ALL of their vendors are talking about how much they love them. I’m serious! Every time I talk with a vendor and we find out we’re both working Nick and Stephanie, something along the lines of “Oh my goodness, I LOVE […]

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Believe it or not, I met Roman and Rachael for the first time at their engagement session…. 2 days before their wedding. Yes, you read that right! Alot of my clients (roughly 50% of them) don’t live in Huntsville/Alabama. And because of that, alot of times I don’t meet my clients in person until their […]

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I finally had the pleasure of working with Clay and Caroline on a lovely day last week for their engagement session in downtown Huntsville. Watching these two together and seeing how much they care for and adore each other was too much! It was just beautiful! They rocked their shoot from the moment we started… […]

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