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I don’t schedule very many photo sessions in the Winter because it’s normally just too darn cold! But mini sessions are a little bit more doable — plus, being able to see Jeff and Bekah is worth the momentary freezing ;-) This shoot was my third shoot with Jeff and Bekah (check out shoot #1 and […]

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In August, my side of the family went on our annual beach vacation in Virginia Beach. As usual, it was a wonderful time to unwind, spend time with family, and a new tradition: take some photos! We don’t always take photos when we’re on vacation, but I think it’s going to become a standard thing […]

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Today is our 9th wedding anniversary!! 9 years! Crazy!! It’s hard to believe that Will and I have already been married 9 whole years! It feels like we met just yesterday, yet I also feel like I’ve known Will my whole life! For this year’s anniversary post, I thought I’d share “our story of how […]

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You may recognize Simon and Ashley from the shoot I did in Hawaii last year! I always love working with this couple. Simon and Ashley are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet! This shoot will mark our third shoot together! A few weeks ago, I got an email from Ashley asking if I would […]

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I almost didn’t get to work with Greg and Jenny :(  Basically, I wasn’t planning to book any more weddings for 2018… until I got THE most delightful email from Jenny.  Her email had so much excitement and she was even willing to pick her date around my availability, so I just had to chat with her […]

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Joe and Alexis’s story is like a romantic movie… After dating for a little bit in college and remaining friends afterwards, there was a moment when they almost wouldn’t have ended up together in the end if not for Joe’s persistence in reaching out to Alexis one last time to see if they had something special […]

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