Chris & Lindsey || Backyard Ceremony 6ft Apart


April 7, 2020

Well goodness. The coronavirus is really wreaking havoc on us, isn’t it? I hate that so many weddings have been affected by this. It breaks my heart for my two couples who have had to postpone their weddings and for all of the brides and grooms who were within weeks (or even days) of their wedding day only to have to postpone or call it off entirely. I’m so, so sorry if you are one of those couples.

My sweet couple, Chris and Lindsey, had to postpone their April 3rd wedding and I’m so sad for them. But they weren’t going to let this virus ruin everything for them! They decided to still get married on April 3rd in a small backyard ceremony, then to celebrate with all of their friends and family later this year once all of this blows over.

So, this past Friday, Chris and Lindsey, their parents, their pastor, and I all gathered (6+ feet apart) to witness the couple saying their vows and committing their lives to one another. It wasn’t the ceremony Chris and Lindsey had originally planned, but it certainly was beautiful and meaningful. I loved seeing their love and adoration for each other. They kept positive attitudes and they truly inspired me. It was a beautiful day and the breeze kept blowing flower petals and leaves down on Chris and Lindsey during the short ceremony under a tall tree in Chris’s parents’ back yard. Their parents looked on with smiles on their faces. We all smiled and laughed together… some tears were shed. We rejoiced with Chris and Lindsey as they officially started their marriage journey. It was a true honor to capture it for them.

Chris and Lindsey, I seriously cannot wait until I can hug you guys! That’s all I want to do right now!! Ya’ll have been such troopers and I just feel so amazed by your grace in all of this. I’m sorry that all of this craziness happened just before your wedding day. But I truly believe that your marriage will be stronger for it! I cannot wait to celebrate with you again in September! Your new wedding date is going to be all the more special! I love you guys! <3

  1. Liss Sterling says:

    Aww, so beautiful in the midst of the heaviness around us!

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