August 18, 2015

I recently had the immense pleasure of photographing the Discover The Westin event at The Westin Huntsville located in Bridge Street Town Centre. This event was a gorgeous display of all the sights, sounds, tastes, technology, and endless possibilities The Westin has to offer for any event.

With 5 different rooms/setups, guests to the event could really visualize what their future event might be like. Complete with delicious food (catered by The Westin) from each different culture, the event boasted an Indian inspired room, an Asian inspired room, Italian, a main “Celebration” room, as well as an outdoor ceremony setup. The Westin used the talents of Metropolitain Disc Jockey Service not only for their DJ needs, but also for the chinese lanterns, uplighting, the gorgeous gobo light projections, and cafe string lights outside. The designs were flawlessly exectuted by none other than Kris Clark Designs. (My favorite room of all was the Indian inspired room in which Kris displayed her talent for extravagant fabric draping. Just gorgeous!) We also enjoyed some dancing entertainment courtesy of Elegant Dance Company.

I am so honored that The Westin asked me to photograph such a stunning event. It truly was incredible!! Now, enjoy some photos the event! :)

BLOG Discover The Westin_01 BLOG Discover The Westin_02 BLOG Discover The Westin_03 BLOG Discover The Westin_04 BLOG Discover The Westin_05 BLOG Discover The Westin_06 BLOG Discover The Westin_07 BLOG Discover The Westin_08 BLOG Discover The Westin_09 As guests posted photos from the event to social media with the evening’s hashtag, you’d see the photos pop up on the screen! How fun is that?!BLOG Discover The Westin_10 BLOG Discover The Westin_11 The Indian room! My favorite!BLOG Discover The Westin_12 BLOG Discover The Westin_13 BLOG Discover The Westin_14 BLOG Discover The Westin_15 BLOG Discover The Westin_16 BLOG Discover The Westin_17 BLOG Discover The Westin_18 BLOG Discover The Westin_19 BLOG Discover The Westin_20 The Asian room complete with custom gobo lighting and an interactive sushi bar…BLOG Discover The Westin_21 BLOG Discover The Westin_22 BLOG Discover The Westin_23 BLOG Discover The Westin_24 BLOG Discover The Westin_25 BLOG Discover The Westin_26 The Italian room complete with uplighting and interactive pasta and dessert bars. YUM!BLOG Discover The Westin_27 BLOG Discover The Westin_28 BLOG Discover The Westin_29 BLOG Discover The Westin_30 The passed hors d’oeuvres were beautiful and delicious!BLOG Discover The Westin_31 BLOG Discover The Westin_32 BLOG Discover The Westin_33 Look! Me and Will got a photo together! Thanks to my friend (and photographer), April Stanley, for grabbing this photo for us! :)BLOG Discover The Westin_34 Steve from Metropolitan Disc Jockey Service doing his thing!BLOG Discover The Westin_35 Elegant Dance CompanyBLOG Discover The Westin_36 BLOG Discover The Westin_37

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