June 2, 2017


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It’s mine and Will’s wedding anniversary month, so I thought it’d be fun to give you some anniversary/wedding facts for this month’s Friday Introduction post!  I also have a little giveaway at the end of this blog, so stick around to find out how to enter to win! Let’s jump in! :-D


Will and I got married on June 20th, 2009 (almost 8 years ago! ahhh!) in Will’s hometown of Russellville, AL

We had known each other for 10 months before we got engaged and we were engaged for 8 months!

Our flowers were white roses and gerber daisies… and my mom and sisters did all the florals themselves. They are rockstars!

I was all alone when I found my wedding dress! Ahh! I just happened to find it on a quick pitstop at The Something Blue Shoppe on my way down to Birmingham to shop for dresses with my best friend! Haha!

We celebrated our first Anniversary in Chattanooga, TN which also happened to be the place where Will was originally planning on proposing (he ended up proposing in a park by my apartment instead. It was perfect:)

 Our other anniversaries have included: dinner at Commerce Kitchen (twice), Cotton Row, an intense lightning storm, a weekend at the lake. For our anniversary this year, we celebrated early… in Hawaii! ;-)

And finally, for our anniversary month, I’m doing a WHOLE MONTH of giveaways! But, of course you already know that from yesterday’s blog post ;)  Oh wait… you didn’t know?? Head over to yesterday’s post by clicking HERE to see all of the fun! You won’t want to miss it, trust me!!

And speaking of giveaways…. I have our very first giveaway information for you RIGHT NOW!  My first giveaway is none other than, you guessed it, BOOKS! I love books so much, so I had to make the very giveaway not one, not two, but THREE books! These books are books we read before we got married as well as soon after. I love them so much and think they are really good reads for pretty much anyone, not just engaged or married people.

Most of us have heard of The Five Love Languages, but many haven’t read it yet! It’s such a good read to help us understand how we receive love and how we can best love our significant other based on how THEY receive love! It’s so good! For Women Only and For Men Only are just wonderful, practical, SO fast and easy to read little books that are jam packed full of great insight for men about their woman and for women about their man. And don’t we all want to understand our dear spouses a little better? ;-)


Leave a comment on this blog post, on the Facebook post, and/or on my Instagram post of this blog sharing one thing you love about your significant other! A comment on each platform counts as a separate entry! For extra brownie points with your significant other, tag them when you post so that they can see what you appreciate about them :)  

That’s it! The winner will be chosen and announced tomorrow (Saturday) morning!

Happy Friday and Happy Giveaway Launch Day! There is so much more where that came from, so GET EXCITED!!!

  1. house mcdaniel says:

    Billy shows me so much GRACE on the daily. He is an amazing father and he does the dishes more than I deserve. AND, he’s a good kisser ????

  2. Marianne Gilliam says:

    I remember one of my favorite memories when Kevin really impressed me with his charm. I had a super stressful day with the girls, I had cleaned the house, did the laundry, and everything. He came in from work and started a bubble bath, fixed me a glass of wine, and bought me the new Nicholas Sparks book. It was one of the most romantic things he’s ever done.

  3. Kerry Higley says:

    I love Matt’s optimism. Whenever I am down or having a bad day he always makes me laugh and points out all the good we have in our lives.

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