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April 7, 2017

Hello all you beautiful people! Happy Friday!

It’s the first Friday of the month, so that means it’s time for another Friday Introduction! Not sure what I’m talking about? Check out last month’s Friday Introduction blog to get in the loop of what we have planned for you!

Ok, so now that you read last month’s FI (we’re going to abbreviate now), I wanted to use this month’s post to introduce myself to you guys! We have alot of new visitors to the blog each month, so I think it’s only fitting that we give the newbies a little meet and greet! :)

First things first… Hi! I’m Erin Lindsey! My first name is Erin and my last name is Lindsey. That can get confusing for alot of people and I often get called Lindsey by accident… even by people who have known me for years! So I just answer to either Erin or Lindsey and it’s not a problem :)

I’ve been married to my husband, Will, for almost 8 years now! We have 2 miniature Schnauzer daughters, Ellie and Daisy. They are pretty much my favorites :)

I genuinely enjoy Mondays because I genuinely enjoy working. Of course there are tough days (most days have many tough moments), but despite even the hard days, I still enjoy it. Sitting at my desk getting stuff done… that is where it’s at!!

When I pose for headshots, I always have my head tilted. It’s something that I just do naturally and I never noticed it until now. Haha! Oh well! I guess that’s me! :)

I have alot of “favorite things”. I am constantly adding to my favorite things list. Depending on the day, you might hear me say “This is my new favorite thing”… and it’s always true! My current favorite thing is probably the Mosaico app (recently introduced to me by my friends at Joel & Amber Photography)… It’s a social media planning life changer!

I don’t like soda. My preferred drink is actually water. Or how about coffee in the morning, water all throughout the day, and wine/margaritas in the evening :) There. That’s better :)

If I could meet any celebrity dead or alive, it’s a toss up between Lin Manuel Miranda, Walt Disney, Jimmy Fallon, Oprah,  Ellen Degeneres, and Elizabeth Gilbert. I don’t even know what I would talk to them about, I just think that they are fascinating people.

I get SUCH a kick out of hearing groups of people sing Happy Birthday! Sometimes you get a group of people who can all sing in tune and that’s great, but more often than not, you have a few thrown in who can’t carry a tune and then I just can’t contain my laughter! It makes me laugh just thinking about it! :-D

I loooooove traveling by train! I’d pick train travel over any other form of travel hands down… except maybe a cruise ship, but that’s a whole other thing ;-)

And finally,

If I couldn’t have my job as an entrepreneur/photographer, I would have loved to become a chef! I love cooking/baking, though I don’t claim to be amazing at it ;-)

Do we have any of these things in common?? If so, leave a comment below and let me know! I’d love to get to know YOU better now! :-D

I'd love to chat with you!

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