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February 1, 2016

HiFi Wedding Fest_0051A few short weeks ago, I participated in my very first bridal show ever! We had never done one before and we just thought it would be fun to try it out and see what all the fuss was about.  And now I know! It was so much fun!!! Yes, there was a lot of work, effort, time, money, energy, and everything else in-between poured into doing this show, but it was so worth it even just for the experience! What fun it was!!! I loved meeting new brides, getting to know them better, and talking with them about their upcoming weddings. It was also a blast doing the show with so many of my vendor friends! I loved looking across the room to see my friends’ smiling faces… and sneaking a chit chat or selfie with them every now and then :)

Thank you to all the brides who came out, to Kris Clark from Kris Clark Designs who did all my florals at my booth, to Love Supply Company for making my fabulous wood carved logo sign, and to Salt+Paperie for hand painting my other promo signs. And most of all, thank you to my amazing husband, Will, for putting in hours and hours and hours of work. Giving up most of his Christmas break and giving up his weekends and evenings designing, building, staining, and painting my booth. I am officially convinced (as if I wasn’t already) that this man can do anything. Words cannot express how much I love and appreciate him for all of his hard work, for his support, his good attitude, and for the incredible sacrifices he made to make this thing happen. I love you more than the moon, Will!!!!

I wanted to share some photos of the finished booth as well as some behind the scenes photos of the building process. Enjoy! :)

HiFi Wedding Fest_0013My Booth!HiFi Wedding Fest_0051

My new logo sign!! Custom wood carved, painted, and stained by Love Supply Company!  LOVE this small business. You guys MUST check them out!HiFi Wedding Fest_0072 The garland and all florals by Kris Clark Designs! Enter To Win A Date Night handwritten by Salt+Paperie <3HiFi Wedding Fest_0064 My new client magazine, The Wedding Experience: A Guide For Erin Lindsey Images Brides, made it’s debut at HiFi! :-DHiFi Wedding Fest_0057 A Gift For You handwritten by Salt+PaperieHiFi Wedding Fest_0060 I am so in love with this eucalyptus garland by Kris Clark Designs!! <3HiFi Wedding Fest_0069HiFi Wedding Fest_0074 HiFi Wedding Fest_0052 HiFi Wedding Fest_0061 Enter To Win A Date Night handwritten by Salt+Paperie <3HiFi Wedding Fest_0066 HiFi Wedding Fest_0055

A few iPhone behind the scenes photos from our garage the weeks leading up to HiFi…2016-01-01 14.59.31 2016-01-02 11.36.16

Behind the scenes the day of….

2016-01-15 14.01.06-1 Kris Clark from Kris Clark Designs making her floral magic happen!HiFi Wedding Fest_0012


For a little behind the scenes setup time-lapse video, click HERE! :)


Another huge Thank You to my amazing husband, Will! None of this would have ever happened without him! <3

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