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October 3, 2018

In August, my side of the family went on our annual beach vacation in Virginia Beach. As usual, it was a wonderful time to unwind, spend time with family, and a new tradition: take some photos! We don’t always take photos when we’re on vacation, but I think it’s going to become a standard thing for us!

We always try to take a big group photo of my family when we’re all together because it happens only once a year that we’re all together — IF we’re lucky (getting all 28 of us together in one place is a feat to be celebrated!). This year, we had the idea to take it a step further to take a few extra minutes to take some family photos of each individual family unit (I have 6 siblings, so that’s alot of different family units!) I’m SO glad we decided to do this! I love that my siblings will get fresh family photos each year… at the gorgeous beach, no less!

We had some extra time later on in the week to do a mini session with my sister and her husband and so we jumped at it! I’m so glad we did! I love the small handful of photos we got during that short window of time! I love them so much that I decided to blog them for you guys to see too!

Without further ado, my beautiful big sister, Christi, and her wonderful husband, Kyle! Enjoy :)


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