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November 30, 2017

I have alot to write about this wedding, so bear with me…

This wedding is one of my favorite weddings I’ve ever had the honor of photographing. And I don’t think I’m biased even though Jordan is one of my dearest, longest friendships. Jordan was one of the very first people I met when I moved to Alabama over 15 years ago. Her big, beautiful, welcoming smile and genuine kindness towards me (an awkward, new-in-town, doesn’t-know-anybody-yet, 15 year old girl) on that first day was the start of a lifelong bond. I am so blessed to have Jordan in my life.

I remember when I first heard about Jeremy. I remember Jordan and I were in the car (I think we were passengers in the backseat) and she told me about this guy, Jeremy, whom she had recently met. She proceeded to tell me all the wonderful things she knew about him so far.  She showed me a photo of him and I told her there was something about Jeremy. I told her I liked this guy because he had “kind eyes” :) And I still think so…

…And now, seeing those kind eyes looking into my beautiful friend’s eyes with such adoration, my heart could burst! Jeremy, thank you for loving Jordan so well and thank you for making her the happiest I’ve ever seen her!

When Jordan told me she was engaged, I immediately told her “don’t set your date until you’ve talked to me!” (because I wanted to make sure I didn’t already have a wedding booked on her date because I just HAD to go to her wedding, obviously!) To my relief, Jordan told me not to worry because she wanted to have a destination wedding out West and that she wanted me to photograph it. My heart was so happy! I am always so honored to be the photographer that brides’ choose to photograph their wedding days, but this one takes the cake. What an honor to photograph my dear friend’s wedding. Wow.

The day could not have been more PERFECT! I’m serious! Let me tell you a little bit of what we had… the day before the wedding, we all went out to the ceremony site to plot out where everyone was going to stand. While we were out there, snow started falling, and the wind and fog became more intense. We couldn’t even see the Grand Tetons in the background! I was praying all week that Jordan would have her magical wedding she had always dreamed of: Snow on the ground, with the mountains in the background. But if the next day looked anything like it was currently looking, there would be no mountains visible. (But despite all that, Jordan and Jeremy were still all smiles and that’s what I love about them!!)

That night, we drove up and over the mountain in the snow. I’ll be honest, it was a little scary, but even more than that, I was concerned about what the next day might hold… I just wanted the sun to be shining and the mountains to be visible so very badly! We even went as far as to bump the ceremony time up an hour to try to give us a fighting chance of having at least a little bit of sun.

Long story short, we had a miracle perfect day. Even more perfect than I think any of us could have dreamed of! The sun was shining, the mountains were visible, snow was on the ground, and even the temperatures were quite comfortable. It was a little windy, but I’ll take that any day if it means we got the gorgeousness that we had!

After the ceremony, where Jeremy and Jordan said their beautiful, heartfelt, handwritten vows before 19 of their family and friends, we all celebrated at Lotus, a wonderful restaurant serving organic and vegan food. The atmosphere was intimate, lovely. Guests enjoyed drinks, a delicious salad, and their choice of Elk lasagna, Tempe Steak, or Beef Tenderloin. We snacked on an array of sweet treats after dinner (including vegan and gluten free options that were to die for!) before sending Jeremy and Jordan off through a tunnel of sparklers.

Seriously… THE perfect day!

Jordan’s words to me almost a year ago when we first started talking about her wedding:

“I’ve wanted a small wedding for as long as I can remember… The reason I want a small wedding is because I want to be completely present in the moment and in the joy of the day. I want to wake up excited, I want to get ready singing musicals with my sister,  I want to be cognizant and sensitive to what this day means to my mom and dad.

And most of all, I want to there with Jeremy. Physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally,  present. Just us. Everything else is a detail.”

….It was all of that and more. Jeremy and Jordan, you have no idea what an honor it was for me to be able to share in the joy of your day with you and to photograph your day for you to cherish forever. I already cherish every single moment of that day and I hope that through your photos, you are able to do the same every day for the rest of your lives. I love you guys!



 During our peaceful “drinking coffee and petting the horses” time, we looked down to see the horse taking a little taste of Jordan’s coffee! Hahaa! Needless to say, I don’t think he liked it ;-)  I love how Jordan tied in pops of red with her ring, invitation, and shawl <3  Perhaps my favorite dress shot of all time…  Jordan wrote her vows the morning of her wedding… I love it!  Jordan intertwined special family heirlooms all throughout her wedding…  The Crenshaw ladies are so stunning…  Seeing herself for the first time! I love Jordan’s reaction!!  Jordan took moments all throughout the day to stop and soak in the moment… Off to see Jeremy! But first, a father daughter First Look! :) 

We arrived at Jeremy and Jordan’s First Look spot and I almost cried! Everything I had been praying for was before me: the sun was shining, we could see the mountains, snow was on the ground. I was so thankful!   Jordan, you are beautiful!!!!  What a handsome groom!!  We found this little grove of trees and fell in love!!  That joy!!          Jeremy and Jordan’s family and friends who love them oh so much! And look! I even got a photo with the bride! <3    Another moment capturing Jordan just soaking in the moment… I love how often she stopped to be all present <3 The new Mr. and Mrs!!!  We drove to downtown Jackson Hole, WY for dinner and drinks at Lotus.  Champagne glasses with a subtle nod to Star Wars ;-)

  1. Christine Coltress says:

    I very much enjoyed seeing the wedding pictures. They are so beautiful and picturesque. I pray that you guys have a long, fulfilling life together.

  2. Jordan says:

    Erin!! Your work and your talent has always amazed me, but this is on another level! I can’t thank you enough for capturing our special day!! It was so very special to me to have you and Will there! Love you SO!!

  3. Ashley B. says:

    I LOVE this so much! You sucked me right IN with these glorious shots!
    If I could have another wedding (with my one and only love), I’d now want to have a destination wedding! I can’t wait to see where your next destination wedding is!

  4. Mary Ann Wright says:

    KK, these images capture not just the ‘moment but the emotions!
    Well done.
    And, LOVED seeing Micah and your gorgeous daughter.
    Of course, it was so fun seeing your Dad. Love that guy!
    Hadn’t seen your Mom in a long time, so that was fun
    Jordan looked absolute RADIANT!
    I LOVE YOU, Aunt Mary Ann

  5. American Studio says:

    Such a beautiful wedding! Thank for capturing all of the love!

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