March 22, 2016

Herring Wedding_0574


I’m slowly but surely getting caught up on blogging my Fall 2015 weddings. You guys have been so amazing and patient with me! Thank you!

Matt and Holly got married on a GORGEOUS October day this past Fall. I remember so many wonderful things about this wedding from the amazing weather to Holly’s gorgeous dress and veil to the classy black tuxes the guys wore and the beautiful blue bridesmaids dresses the girls wore. I also remember how stunning the florals were, the lovely sunset, and the FUN reception! But what really sticks out to me the most was Matt and Holly’s love for each other, their genuine excitement about marrying each other, their desire to make their marriage centered around Jesus, and Matt and Holly’s families and how much they cared for each other.

These things are the things that always stick out to me the most at weddings. These are the things that I love to see at the weddings I have the honor of photographing.  Yes, flowers and rings are beautiful and fun to photograph, but when I get to be around and photograph a couple like Matt and Holly and families like theirs, those are the times I feel truly blessed to be a wedding photographer.

As always, I could go on and on, but ya’ll have already been waiting to see a blog of Matt and Holly’s photos since October, so I figure I’ll quit my rambling and just show you some photos ;-)  Enjoy!

Herring Wedding_0011 Herring Wedding_0038 Herring Wedding_0015Herring Wedding_0057 Herring Wedding_0103-1Herring Wedding_0023 Sentimental pieces on Holly’s bouquet…Herring Wedding_0104Herring Wedding_0131 Herring Wedding_0136 We took a few bridal portraits of beautiful Holly before heading outside for photos with her amazing bridesmaids!Herring Wedding_0106 Herring Wedding_0187Herring Wedding_0254  Time for Matt and his groomsmen!Herring Wedding_0320 Herring Wedding_0283 Holly’s sisters fixing her dress for her <3Herring Wedding_0271Herring Wedding_0204Holly’s bouquet was just gorgeous!Herring Wedding_0217 The stunning brideHerring Wedding_0228 Herring Wedding_0192 Herring Wedding_0277 Have I mentioned how stunning Holly looked?! Goodness!Herring Wedding_0223   Herring Wedding_0247 Matt and Holly got married at Southwood Presbyterian Church in Jones ValleyHerring Wedding_0336 Simple and elegant decor. Love!Herring Wedding_0341 Holly’s family, bridesmaids, and pastor prayed for her and Matt before walking down the aisle <3Herring Wedding_0169 Herring Wedding_0432 Herring Wedding_0461 Husband and Wife! Herring Wedding_0495 The excited newlyweds just minutes after becoming husband and wife!Herring Wedding_0545 Favorite!Herring Wedding_0559 Herring Wedding_0574Herring Wedding_0601 They are too adorable!Herring Wedding_0550 Herring Wedding_0554 Another favorite…Herring Wedding_0591 Herring Wedding_0622 Love!Herring Wedding_0618 After portraits with the bride and groom, we headed over to their reception at The Westin in Bridge StreetHerring Wedding_0681Such a sweet first dance!Herring Wedding_0760 Herring Wedding_0770 Herring Wedding_0822 Let the party begin!Herring Wedding_1045 Herring Wedding_0952 Herring Wedding_1052 Herring Wedding_0901 Herring Wedding_1054 It was a fun group of people to photograph!Herring Wedding_1097 Just before Matt and Holly left on their Californian honeymoon, they did a surprise choreographed dance for their guests. It was awesome!Herring Wedding_1127 Herring Wedding_1155 Off to their honeymoon!Herring Wedding_1183-1Herring Wedding_1186 Herring Wedding_0633


  • Southwood Presbyterian Church
  • The Westin
  • The Westin
  • Cake
  • Lucy, Lucy the Cake Lady, (256) 652-7954
  • Elevation Creative Services
  • Knestrick By Design
  • Topiary Tree
  • Juice
  • Metropolitan DJ
  • Anna Hand, Dominion Salon and Spa
  • Kyla Glover
  • White Dresses
  • Weddington Way
    • Men’s Warehouse

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