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January 3, 2014


What a sweet proposal this was! I got an email from a dear friend of mine, who also happens to be one of my 2013 brides, asking me if I could photograph her brother’s proposal to his beautiful girlfriend. Ummm… OF COURSE?!

I was in contact with Michael in the days leading up to the proposal and we started really finalizing the exact details of how this proposal was going to go down the day of. He would get off his plane and immediately walk toward the love of his life and ask her to be his forever. I was giggling and smiling like a silly little girl when I we were texting about the details of the proposal. I was so excited! Excited to capture the moments, yes, but also excited for Becky and Michael! There is nothing quite like the excitement of being newly engaged.

Michael was flying into Huntsville the Friday before Christmas and Becky was picking him up. I was to be at the airport before he arrived… and I was to wait. And try to be as nonchalant as possible (that’s pretty hard to do with a massive camera, camera bag, and several lenses). As I sat there 20 minutes before Michael’s plane was suppose to land, I had the biggest butterflies! I don’t know why! I think I was just so excited… that and I was so nervous that Becky would spot me and become suspicious. Luckily, Becky didn’t notice me sitting there (PHEW!) and I was able to capture the moment without her noticing that either! Win win!

(Quick note to all you readers: If you are interested in having a photographer there to capture your proposal and preserve those memories for you, shoot me an email!! I would be thrilled to come along!)

I love these sweet moments I was able to capture for this sweet couple. Thank you, Michael and Becky, for allowing me to be a part of your perfect and beautiful proposal!



Becky’s sister was also there to witness everything :-D

Proposal_0030Proposal_0038Proposal_0040Proposal_0039Proposal_0112I love this quick glance I got from Michael as they were walking away. That, my friends, is the face of a happy, happy man.


A limo picked Michael and Becky up from the airport and took them to Michael’s parents’ house where there was a surprise party waiting for them!



Everyone gathered in the living room to watch the iPhone video Becky’s sister made of the proposal. I love all the smiles and reactions!




Congratulations, Michael and Becky! I am so excited for you! Get ready for the greatest adventure of your lives! :)




  1. Sue Creekmore says:

    Perfection! Thank you for capturing the arrival of the newest Creekmore!!!

  2. Frances Paul-Doug Brown says:

    Thats awesome, great photos!

  3. Kimberly Lane says:

    Awesome! Congratulations!

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