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December 4, 2019

It’s finally time to share our baby shower photos with you guys! I’m so excited! I’ve been spending the past few weeks tying up loose ends and finishing up some work before my maternity leave. Now that all that is done (officially on maternity leave now with baby coming in about 2 weeks or less!), I have the time to blog! Woohoo! :-D

Our baby shower was back in October on one of the most beautiful days we could’ve hoped for! It was at one of our favorite spots, The Stem and Stein, which is owned by our friends and they graciously opened it up to us for this event! Our shower was sandwiched by 2 chilly, rainy days, so I was especially thankful for the sunshine and warmth so that everyone could mingle indoors and outdoors.

And on that note, you’ll notice in the photos that our shower was a little less conventional than most — especially in the South ;-) I’ve always felt that when it was time for our baby shower, I didn’t want the typical “me sitting front and center and a bunch of women watching me open gifts” setup. I’m a little too introverted for that kind of attention. Haha! I also always wanted Will and his friends to be a part of it too because I look at it as a celebration of this baby girl and not just as a gift-giving event for women. I wanted us to be able to chat with our friends without the pressures or time constraints of cutting that short because we’re starting a game or starting gift opening. I loved the idea of doing just one big shower for ALL of our friends from all parts of our lives. So we did that… and it was perfect :)

So our shower was a big “come and go” celebration of our baby girl for all of our close friends — guys and girls. Some could stay the whole time and some could only pop in for a minute or two. We got to eat and socialize and hug and chat with everyone. It was perfect… everything I always dreamed for our baby celebration :) We felt so blown away and thankful and loved by our friends who came and by our friends who threw this big, beautiful event for us.

We have to thank our friends Amy, Jacki, Lauren, Kris, Darla, Joanna, and Ali for making our shower the magical, perfect event that it was. I love you girls so much!!!!

All of our photos are courtesy of my friend and talented photographer, Lauren Tomasella Photography <3

Our MAGICAL charcuterie board by Cured and Company! Charcuterie boards are my love language, if you didn’t know. It was perfect!
Ya’ll know us… we love our books! So of course we had our friends bring a book for baby girl instead of a card :) We love that we have so many books and little notes that we get to read to her when she arrives!
Invitations/Paper goods courtesy of Salt+Paperie, of course!!! LOVE!!
Draping and florals by my dear friend, Kris, from Kris Clark Designs <3
The sweets table was just so pretty!! It looked like something we see at weddings!!
The wonderful ladies who made this all happen!!!!
If you couldn’t tell by the resemblance, these are Will’s parents! :)
My mom and my sisters all came from Virginia and Will’s entire family came too! It was so special having everyone there!

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