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February 11, 2013

I have been blown away by the feedback we’ve gotten from Our Living Room Makeover post back in August. We posted the makeover months ago and yet we are still getting messages and sweet comments from people all over the country! I’ve lost count of the number of people who I don’t even know who have come up to me, emailed, or messaged me and told me that they found our living room on Pinterest or on some other blog in another state. How cool is that?!

I had planned on posting some of our other room makeovers soon after the living room blog, but of course, wedding season took first priority and the remaining makeover blog posts fell to the end of my to do list… until now!

As many of you know, me and Will are moving! Don’t worry, we’re staying in Huntsville :) We’ve lived in our current home for about 4 years now and it has been a wonderful first home for us! Since we moved in, we had several changes including me starting to work from home. We’ve invested in alot of new photography equipment too, which takes up alot of space. Our current home doesn’t have a whole lot of storage, but we’ve been managing. It’s just gotten to the point where the time is right in our lives and we’ve prayed about it and feel like our next big step in life is to move into a bigger house that we can stay in for a long time. We need a house that can accomodate my growing business and one day, many years from now, a family.

It’s kind of sad to be leaving this home that we have loved and spent our first almost 4 years of marriage in. I only JUST recently finished decorating it too! Haha! Oh well! I get a whole new house to decorate now. Much of our current decor will transfer into our new home, except for our master bedroom. We plan on making big changes to our master bedroom in the new house, including all new furniture that better matches our style. But before we make those changes, I really want to show you what our master bedroom looks like right now! I really really love it!

So, how about some photos??? Without further ado, out Master Bedroom Makeover!

 Our Master Bedroom BEFORE (when we first moved in)

Our Master Bedroom AFTER

Our master bedroom is simple. We don’t have tons on the walls and I think that’s been good for us since some of our other rooms have things like collages and shelves on the walls. We needed just one collage-less room :) Me and Will wanted a simple, airy bedroom to just be able to relax and fall asleep in. I love our soft grey walls, the white curtains and comforter, and the subtle touches of yellow and floral patterns. And let’s not forget my absolute favorite part of our bedroom, our chandelier!! We are taking the chandelier with us to the new house… I was not going to part with it! I plan on incorporating it into our new bedroom. And I really really love our simple decor above our bed. I’ve had these frames for many many months, but I never knew where to put them. It finally hit me one day to put them above our bed. I LOVE IT! :) It’s so me!

I definitely made that yellow and grey pillow all by myself with my new sewing machine. Go me!

I think what I really really love about our little makeover is that all of the changes we made (comforter, pillows, curtains, lamps, chandelier) cost us under $100 out of pocket. Yep! And even most of that went towards the comforter. Everything else was either given to us, at thrift stores, made by me or Will, or on clearance somewhere.

I still need to show you my kitchen and my office makeovers before we move out at the end of the month. Keep an eye out for parts 3 and 4 of my home makeover blogs! :)

  1. Winona Kreider says:

    Beautiful job Erin!

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