Perfect Date Night | 2 Year Anniversary Scavenger Hunt


May 7, 2013

Within a few days of posting my Perfect Date Night Search, I had the opportunity to shoot this super fun, super creative Perfect Date Night for my friends, Rudy and Jacki. It was their 2 year anniversary, and Jacki being the super creative person that she is, had planned on doing this scavenger hunt for Rudy even before I posted my blog. It was perfect timing!!

So apparently, you’re suppose to give paper for your first anniversary present, cotton for your second anniversary, leather for your third, linen for your fourth, and so on. Last year, for their second anniversary, Rudy gave Jacki a paper gift: photos! Yup! We did a 1 year photoshoot! This year, the gift is suppose to be cotton, so Jacki planned a cotton themed scavenger hunt for Rudy to discover when he got off work that ended with dinner at Cotton Row! How creative! I followed Jacki around as she left the clues at a few spots around town that had significant meaning to the two of them. The final clue brought Rudy to Cotton Row where me and Jacki were waiting on him. We took a few quick photos of the two of them together, then I left them so that they could enjoy their romantic dinner at Cotton Row.

I had so much fun with this shoot not just because I love Rudy and Jacki, but because it was unique! They are such a fun couple, so this fun scavenger hunt really was the Perfect Date Night for them!

Jacki left an outfit for Rudy to wear for their date.

First clue drop off spot: Home Depot! Rudy and Jacki have been spending alot of time here lately while they’re working on their home.

Next clue drop off spot: The country club where they play golf. Country club dude wasn’t sure what was going on at first ;-)

And finally, the place where Rudy and Jacki got married… kinda. They got married at The Lumberyard which is attached to the Lone Goose Saloon.

Next, we headed to Cotton Row to wait on Rudy. It was so sweet when he arrived :)

Jacki searched all over the place to find some cotton, but didn’t have any luck. So what did she do? She MADE some cotton using twine, paper, and cotton balls. Brilliant!

A photo with last year’s photo :)


Happy Anniversary, you adorable love birds! :) I hope it was everything you hoped it would be and more! Can’t wait til next year ;-)



  1. Jacki says:

    Yay! So fun and amazing! Thanks for all your help! I already showed everyone at the beach house! Rudy said “yea, I look pretty good in those” :) you’re the best

  2. Kathy says:

    She is tricky, tricky, tricky. Rudy probably didn’t even realize she had duped him into another photo shoot! :)

    Looks like fun.

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